Monday, June 27, 2011

the wedding

I had an awesome time this week at my grandparents. I think we all did, mostly because our cousins Blake & Randi T came up from Florida, and we hadn't seen them in like two years. My other cousin Kylea was the one getting married, and I did manage to snap some pictures. It was a good wedding, short & sweet. 

the pictures aren't very good, but I promised to post some. It's hard taking pictures during a sermon and sitting in the back when you aren't the main photographer. 

Petra kept asking during the sermon, "When are they gonna kiss? When are they gonna kiss?". 

 Uh, how can she look forward to that part? And she's not even six years old yet. I don't even look forward to the kissing.

Dad practiced walking down the aisle with me. It was a bit awkward, but kinda cool. 

I have some of the best grandparents ever.  I love you all! (if you're reading this, Gran-pat.)

And I have some of the best cousins ever.

I know you want pictures of the groom & bride (those of you who are mushy kind of people. =P), but I could only get two.

There were some cool balloon things we enjoyed tearing down. Nehemiah broke a couple. I hope nobody got mad, but they were too busy gawking over Kylea's (the bride) dress to notice.

Do you like weddings? Or are they boring to you?

ps | like the new design? My awesome friend Bethany did it for me. There's something about others doing my design for me, even if I can do my own. I think I just like getting surprised. 

pps | follow my friend Hannah's blog, will you? I'm trying to surprise her and get her 50 followers or more.


  1. Yay! I love weddings! xD Kylea is really pretty!

  2. Yep, I'm the "mushy" sort... I wanted to see more of the bride and groom, and a kiss! :P *giggles*

  3. The photographer--oh my word, how many cameras can one person carry? =]


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