Friday, June 3, 2011


truth -- I really like mom's handwriting [this is a business address, by the way, for those of you who are stalkers]

truth -- a stray//barn cat has found her way to our house. Anna named her Sophie, and Dad hates cats. He already tried dumping her back up at the barn but it didn't work, she came right back to our house. So we have a cat.

truth -- I'm taking a little blog break starting on Sunday. If you'd like to guest post, let me know. If not, my blog shall go un-updated for a week.

truth -- I think I like the lie posts more. Oh well.
truth -- I could help getting the 'blogspot' off my link. It will be much easier for friends to find my blog now.

truth -- I think I'm obsessed with ladder photography. If there's such a thing.

truth -- it's been lovely outside. Lovely and hot.

truth -- Sophie has been eating all the birds & bird eggs.

truth -- Mama bird and I are not not happy.

truth -- Petra has learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. She now has a nice bump behind her ear...

truth -- I've been getting up at six to read my Bible.

truth -- I've been reading. Tons.

What time do you get up at? What have you been reading? 


  1. Reading is so much fun! Mom's going to take me to the library again very soon. xD to get LB.

  2. awesome! That's a cute cat!

  3. I get up at 8 to start my day, if I'm not taking a shower. If I am, I get up at 6:30 or 7ish.

    And I have been reading the amazing series by Karen Kingsbury called "Above the Line" series. Take One, Take Two, Take Three, & Take Four, are the names of the four books. Go check 'em out! And they are Christian books, too.

    Oh oh oh and guess what? My friend bought me the VDT DVD as a going away gift! Whoopee!!! :D


  4. Um I would love to guest post...But what about?


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