Saturday, June 11, 2011

surprises, surprises...

I'm back. From what, you ask? Not a computer break...from a week long camping trip. I tried to keep it a secret for most of you. And to the 'guest posters', Lucia & Anna Grey, thank you very much. Your inspiring posts were very much enjoyed by all. ;)

Of course I took tons of pictures at camp. You're probably wondering where we went...North Carolina. It's an awesome place, to those of you who haven't been there. We camped at Rattler Ford Camp, with our grandparents. Dad, Henry, & baby Nehemiah stayed at our other grandparents since a week in a tent without electricity would be a bit challenging with two toddlers. Wait...Henry isn't a toddler. He just turned four. Which reminds me, I have a birthday post coming up for him.

Back to the camping trip. It was awesome, one week of living right in the middle of nowhere without any electricity or anything of the sort. Okay...*coughs* We didn't make it the whole week. It rained poured the last day, and all of the stuff in our tents got soaked, along with our clothes. So we went to a hotel.

We went on at least two hikes. I'm not sure what this flower is called, but it's really amazing. God creates even the little things with detail. By the way, the camera wouldn't focus on this flower. It took me forevvvveeerrr to get this photo.

Here's my grandpa. He looks ready to hike!

There were some great shaded trails. Samuel & I hiked much further than the others. We almost got to the top of the mountain, but a huge tree had fallen in the middle of the path and we couldn't pass.

Here's Petra (she now says that her new nickname needs to be 'Pete' not 'Pech'. *ahem* We'll see...) sitting on a log. I like the way the camera focused.

On one of the trails there were some really huge thick trees.

See what I mean by thick?

Samuel the man. He thinks he's Samson though. Yeah right.

I thought this frog looked kind of cool. He's slimy.

Petra posing for the camera. Pete, I mean. =P I've got to go make a new 'vlog'. And make oatmeal. I'll post part two of our camping trip later!

Love in Christ,


  1. I hope y'all had fun!!! :D That flower is cool!! and pretty. XD I like the pic of Pech I mean Pete on the tree. Its really cool!! The last picture is cool, too. Heidi looks funny! hehe!

  2. Great Pictures I like the one of the frog!:D

  3. That sounds like lots of fun! I haven't been camping since I was...11? Yeah, i think that's right. I guess we just aren't that type. Since neither of my parents grew up going camping, they aren't real hip on it now. ;) not to mention that every time we go camping, something rather interesting happens.... ;0 lol!

    Can't wait for part two and another vlog... ;)

  4. I'm so glad that you had fun, Kendra! That's *so* neat your family went camping in North Carolina--I live in NC! My dad and brothers love to camp whenever they get the chance to. :)


  5. @Anna FaithI like that one too, sis! ;)


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