Tuesday, June 28, 2011

look what all of us have done

We've sinned. We've made thorns grow on beautiful roses.

We are people. We've hated, we've murdered, we've despised anything holy. There is sin because of us. There is sin because we have sinned.

We've made other human beings like us feel lonely or sad.

We've sinned, so now we have to work. And sometimes we even make others do our own work & treat them lesser than what they are.

[yeah...that's from a bloody nose I had]

We've fought with each other, fighting creates wars. In wars there is always death. 

Because of our sin we feel depressed, because of our sin we cry. 

But we can cry out to Jesus. He will save us, He will take care of us. In Him there is always joy. 

Are you thankful for what Jesus has done? 


  1. So nobody comments? I'm not mad because I didn't get any comments, but because this shows what sort of readers I have. I get 18 comments on a video post, or 260 on a giveaway one, yet on one titled "look what we all have done" I get none. Which is kinda sad. I'd rather get a million comments on these and not get any on vlog posts.


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