Friday, June 17, 2011

dangerous things happen...

when my brother & I decide to camp out in the woods for a night.

Yeah, it looks pretty innocent...

Kendra:: What are you doing?

Samuel:: *hides chocolate bar behind his back* N-nothing...

I also need to tell you how we about got murdered by coyotes. Well, sorta.

Kendra:: We should go out in the field and sit on the hay bales. It's getting dark and we can stay up later.

Samuel:: Good idea. What's that noise?

*we both hear a loud yipping about a mile away* 

Kendra:: Uhh....

Samuel:: That's a coyote.

Kendra:: Duh. Let's listen for a moment and see if they get closer. I mean if it gets closer.

*we both are quiet and we hear the coyote again, but this time another responds to it not very far away at all*

Kendra:: Okay, that's enough. Let's run out of the woods into the field. I don't care if there's stinging nettle or we fall.

Samuel:: I have my pocket knife. *pulls out a hand sized dagger* 

*I eye him suspiciously* Kendra:: Do you think that's gonna do anything?

*suddenly a coyote responds to the other two, and this time the howl is extremely close. Close enough so if it were light outside, we would see him*

Kendra:: *lets out a wild cat scream//Indian war whoop and runs out of the woods, tripping on the way*

Samuel:: *lets out a scream that sounds just like a little girl and follows Kendra*

After we reach the safety of the meadow & catch our breath --

Kendra:: Whew. At least we scared them away.

Samuel:: What do you mean?

Kendra:: Uh, I was partly screaming to scare the beasts away. I mean we didn't have another way to get them to leave.

Samuel:: Oh yeah, I guess we did scare them. I got stinging nettle all over my legs. I have shorts on.

Kendra:: Ow. I'm glad I changed into my pants when we got here. I can't run in that jean skirt. I'd get eaten.

Samuel:: Yeah. Well we sure scared them away. *straightens shoulders*

After our little 'adventure' we went out on a hay bale and looked up at the stars.

Kendra:: This would be a great romance scene in a movie.

Samuel:: Uh huh...

Kendra:: And then while the people in the movie are talking mush-gush the hay bale starts rolling down the hill.

Samuel:: It would be like those teeter totter things at parks when we were little.

We don't look that crazy if you don't really know us, but when we do stuff together, we act like we're insane. Almost.

That video proves it. But really, we didn't eat the whole box of s'mores, or swim in the creek, or stay up to 3am. We went to bed at 10:15.

And then of course the next morning, this is what happens. 

But we made it. Sorry if this post was boring. I hope it made you laugh. 


  1. I want to go for a camp out, and get murdered by coyotes, and eat 3 packages of chocolate bars, and be totally crazy! :-/ This just isn't fair. BTW, I know who'd be sitting on the hay bale in the love scene. Bahahaha!!!!

  2. @Hannah I know. It would've been even more crazier with you there. Yeah, it would be E + G.

  3. that was hysterical, i love the play by play. Totally could see you two doing that *laughs*

  4. This made me laugh my head off.... :D Thanks for brightening my morning! {I watched it yesterday, but didn't have time to comment! ;)}

  5. That's funny. =) Sounds SOOOO much like something my brother and I would do.


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