Monday, June 13, 2011

camping trip | part two

We also had a very nice [yet freezing] creek to swim in. We only saw one snake, and it was a few feet away from me. Thankfully I'm not afraid of snakes, so let's just be glad there wasn't a snake two feet away from one of my sisters...

I had a butterfly friend at the lake. He//she was very kind and let me take pictures of him or her. I guess it's a male. Just guessing.

I think I just posted too many images of that butterfly. Sorry about that. God's creation is amazing though.

My awesome mom. Doesn't she have gorgeous blue eyes?

Anna was the camera man woman. We actually did a little video thing, with me starring and playing "Lynne". But it didn't turn out well cause I was running too fast. Plus the creek was really loud, and Anna kept falling on tree roots...

Charlene is such a good guard dog. Don't ask who named her...*ahem* it was me. That was seven years ago.

Such a cheesy smile, Max.

I didn't take as many pictures of the creek as I thought I would, since I used all the batteries....

We fished in the creek & ate fresh trout. Yummness.

Mom thinks Petra looks like her in this picture. I'm not sure.

The boys slid down this huge rock. I think Samuel only did it once and decided that was the first & last time he was going to do it. I was smart enough not to even try to slide down it. Max was like, "Do you dare me do go down here? How much money will you give me if I do?" Answer from me: "I'll pay your hospital bill, that's all."

We had s'mores twice. Yummness. Sorry about the quality. Our camera is just a point-and-shoot one.

Do you like the new blog name? I think I'm going to change up to design a bit more later. Since everything is just kinda...white. *secret laugh* High-tlight to see what it says. 


  1. S'mores look yummy!! You should go to sliding rock next trip to NC. Its pretty awesome!! XD Plus its only like 2 hours from my grandparents... RAL I loved the pics of the butterfly!! God's creation is amazing!!

  2. P.S. I LOVE your new design!!

  3. Totally LOVE the header!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like "Sweet momma...." when I saw it and wondering if I was on the right blog! LOL :P And enjoyed all the pics. ;)

  4. Oh, that camping trip sounds so fun! I love all the photos. Makes me so want to go camping!

  5. Great post! The butterfly pics are my fav. Also love your new heading :) Just gorgeous!


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