Thursday, June 30, 2011

some things are just too cute not to post about

Remember  t h i s  post? When we got back from vacation, guess what was in our front yard? That's right --- three tiny baby female kittens.

Did I mention they're tiny? They can't even walk yet.

This one here is named Reepicheep. [yes, we named a girl cat after a mouse]

And this one is Skyler. Named after the now famous girl who we met on vacation.

The stripped one is Tiger, my personal favorite. Though I wish she could've been named Reepicheep. *sighs* They all wanted to name her Tiger though, since she look a bit like one.

Which kitten is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

try, try, try again

Sometimes life can get you down in the dumps.

But you've got to keep trying, keep striving -- looking forward.

People who give up never succeed.

But people who never stop trying will one day accomplish what they are striving to do.

You'll make it.

It's a lesson all should heed,
Try, try, try again;
If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try, try again;
Then your courage will appear,
If you only persevere,
You will conquer, never fear!
Try, try, try again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

look what all of us have done

We've sinned. We've made thorns grow on beautiful roses.

We are people. We've hated, we've murdered, we've despised anything holy. There is sin because of us. There is sin because we have sinned.

We've made other human beings like us feel lonely or sad.

We've sinned, so now we have to work. And sometimes we even make others do our own work & treat them lesser than what they are.

[yeah...that's from a bloody nose I had]

We've fought with each other, fighting creates wars. In wars there is always death. 

Because of our sin we feel depressed, because of our sin we cry. 

But we can cry out to Jesus. He will save us, He will take care of us. In Him there is always joy. 

Are you thankful for what Jesus has done? 

Monday, June 27, 2011

the wedding

I had an awesome time this week at my grandparents. I think we all did, mostly because our cousins Blake & Randi T came up from Florida, and we hadn't seen them in like two years. My other cousin Kylea was the one getting married, and I did manage to snap some pictures. It was a good wedding, short & sweet. 

the pictures aren't very good, but I promised to post some. It's hard taking pictures during a sermon and sitting in the back when you aren't the main photographer. 

Petra kept asking during the sermon, "When are they gonna kiss? When are they gonna kiss?". 

 Uh, how can she look forward to that part? And she's not even six years old yet. I don't even look forward to the kissing.

Dad practiced walking down the aisle with me. It was a bit awkward, but kinda cool. 

I have some of the best grandparents ever.  I love you all! (if you're reading this, Gran-pat.)

And I have some of the best cousins ever.

I know you want pictures of the groom & bride (those of you who are mushy kind of people. =P), but I could only get two.

There were some cool balloon things we enjoyed tearing down. Nehemiah broke a couple. I hope nobody got mad, but they were too busy gawking over Kylea's (the bride) dress to notice.

Do you like weddings? Or are they boring to you?

ps | like the new design? My awesome friend Bethany did it for me. There's something about others doing my design for me, even if I can do my own. I think I just like getting surprised. 

pps | follow my friend Hannah's blog, will you? I'm trying to surprise her and get her 50 followers or more.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what I've been up to

Eating. Okay, that's not all I've been doing.

But mom's homemade cheese & bread is yummness (if yummness is a word...).

Pressing wildflowers with my little sis, Petra (ie, Pech, Pete, Pet, and so on).

Taking pictures of 'set ups' that younger siblings beg me to photograph. 

Playing capture the flag (all sorts of new invented games by the Kisers and Southards) with neighbors. No, sadly I don't have a picture of that...I'll have to get some next time, eh? If I'm not too busy spying on the other team's side.

{not my image}

Riding horses. And just a hint, never ride in a skirt bareback and try to canter. The result? A flying skirt that creates a freaked out horse, sore & bruised legs, and someone who is itching the entire time. And someone who might be trying to be modest, but fails. I mean seriously, I'm totally glad I wore shorts under. 

I still  ♥ riding, don't get me wrong.

House church. Who doesn't love fellowship after? And especially when...*counts fingers*...okay, I'm not counting all the children in the less than five families that come to church. We have eight, the Marcums ten, the Paulsons 5, and so on. Don't get me counting, please.

I've also been working on (*squeals*) my new blog design site. I know, I kinda stopped designing, but I've started again. If it gets too much I can always close orders. Besides, talents are God-given (not that I'm saying I'm good at designing, there are way better people out there) and I'd like to bless people. Bless them by giving them web & blog designs. Did I mention it's free? So go on over and order please. 

I've also been working on vlog #2, but sadly we keep failing. First time it was too quiet, same the with second time, third time the camera battery ran out, fourth time I uploaded it to the computer and then realized the camera didn't capture the entire video. Oh electronics, electronics...

[old picture, the last wedding I went to]

I'm leaving to my grandparents this week, so I won't be posting until...Monday? Hopefully then. I've got some good post ideas (kittens, vlog #2, and wedding pictures..). My cousin is getting married, so I might post some pictures of that. Hopefully, I don't really like weddings. Only the cake. *coughs* 

That's all for now, friends. See you all next week! 


What could be better than Jesus holding you? 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the rain | part 3

Did I tell you it started storming while we were camping? And we were at the lake?

It rained for two hours at least, and we huddled under the patio with another family.

We became fast friends with the only child, whose name was Skyler. (isn't that like the most awesomest name? Defiantly the next main character in a new book of mine is gonna be named Skyler)

Before the storm ---

We were drinking cheerwine;

Creating 'Cair Paravels';

and acting silly. 

Fifteen minutes later we were soaked and shivering, waiting for the storm to pass before we walked to the van.

The storm finally paused for a brief moment & we rushed to the van and headed to a hotel. All our stuff in the tents was soaked. But we still had a good time with Skyler's family. Skyler's mom gave us all hot dogs & chicken sandwiches. Wasn't that nice?

See what I mean by us having a good time? 

I think Pech will always remember her time with Skyler, the 'pretty girl with purple flip-flops' while she waited for the rain to stop. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

dangerous things happen...

when my brother & I decide to camp out in the woods for a night.

Yeah, it looks pretty innocent...

Kendra:: What are you doing?

Samuel:: *hides chocolate bar behind his back* N-nothing...

I also need to tell you how we about got murdered by coyotes. Well, sorta.

Kendra:: We should go out in the field and sit on the hay bales. It's getting dark and we can stay up later.

Samuel:: Good idea. What's that noise?

*we both hear a loud yipping about a mile away* 

Kendra:: Uhh....

Samuel:: That's a coyote.

Kendra:: Duh. Let's listen for a moment and see if they get closer. I mean if it gets closer.

*we both are quiet and we hear the coyote again, but this time another responds to it not very far away at all*

Kendra:: Okay, that's enough. Let's run out of the woods into the field. I don't care if there's stinging nettle or we fall.

Samuel:: I have my pocket knife. *pulls out a hand sized dagger* 

*I eye him suspiciously* Kendra:: Do you think that's gonna do anything?

*suddenly a coyote responds to the other two, and this time the howl is extremely close. Close enough so if it were light outside, we would see him*

Kendra:: *lets out a wild cat scream//Indian war whoop and runs out of the woods, tripping on the way*

Samuel:: *lets out a scream that sounds just like a little girl and follows Kendra*

After we reach the safety of the meadow & catch our breath --

Kendra:: Whew. At least we scared them away.

Samuel:: What do you mean?

Kendra:: Uh, I was partly screaming to scare the beasts away. I mean we didn't have another way to get them to leave.

Samuel:: Oh yeah, I guess we did scare them. I got stinging nettle all over my legs. I have shorts on.

Kendra:: Ow. I'm glad I changed into my pants when we got here. I can't run in that jean skirt. I'd get eaten.

Samuel:: Yeah. Well we sure scared them away. *straightens shoulders*

After our little 'adventure' we went out on a hay bale and looked up at the stars.

Kendra:: This would be a great romance scene in a movie.

Samuel:: Uh huh...

Kendra:: And then while the people in the movie are talking mush-gush the hay bale starts rolling down the hill.

Samuel:: It would be like those teeter totter things at parks when we were little.

We don't look that crazy if you don't really know us, but when we do stuff together, we act like we're insane. Almost.

That video proves it. But really, we didn't eat the whole box of s'mores, or swim in the creek, or stay up to 3am. We went to bed at 10:15.

And then of course the next morning, this is what happens. 

But we made it. Sorry if this post was boring. I hope it made you laugh.