Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It seems like everything was just yesterday. But then yesterdays go by so fast. Everything seems like a blur sometimes. Just school, rain, school, rain, and then some time to go outside. I love to think about the times when I'd just go outside and play and play. Life has come a long way from that.

April showers are supposed to bring what?

I think it's May flowers.

True. But that doesn't mean the rain isn't going to go away, does it?

Because it's rained poured since Sunday. At least today was a bit nicer, yet freezing.

There were still lots of pretty flowers.

And so I decided to go & check on all the bird nests.

I saw Mrs. Robin squawking at me from above. She's a pest, thinks I'm actually going to eat her eggs. Humph. 

Do you think I'd eat her babies?

No. Not those guys, anyways. They're too...uhh... {sorry Mrs. Robin} ugly. And slimy. I can't wait 'till they're bigger and actually good-looking. 

 Maybe they're a tad bit cute.

 The next robin's nest was empty. The storm blew it away (and I, being the person who would eat gross baby robins, put it gently back in the tree) Waaahhh. Poor Mama bird. Next year, next year....

Anyway, look what I found in the other?

Bright blue tiny eggs are so much better for pictures than baby robins are. Though it is hard to climb in a prickly tree with a camera in your mouth.

I headed home and got a few pictures to show how it was about to rain again. (For Hans, of course.)

Couldn't resist taking this of our house.

All we need is snow and swords and lions and oops. Never mind. Wake up dollydaydream.

People like to sleep on rainy days too. What do you do on a stormy day?


  1. Hi! Thanks for showing me that it was going to rain RAL. I like the pic of your steps. "Pita wins up..." The robins are so cool!! I love the last picture of the egg. =D

  2. You live in a great neighborhood!


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