Saturday, May 14, 2011


Last week we went to a "FCA Superstars" event, where kids nine through eleven compete against each other in sports. Max and Anna did it, and Heidi is seven -- but they let her in, just because my dad knows the staff and he used to work with FCA.

Our friends the Marcums went with us, and they have ten kids. I think about five of them entered. (Sorry about the camera quality, my camera takes great ones outside, but inside -- ugh)

There's Heidi -- finishing the obstacle course!

Nobel; the youngest Marcum child. Isn't he cute?

Heidi (green shirt) raced with the 10 - 11 year olds, since she was too late for the little kids race. She did really well considering that she was at least three years younger than the rest of the kids!

There's Adeline -- she won first in volleyball! Congrats, Addie.

We had lots of fun at superstars, and we will hopefully do it next year, but I think we'll only have two kids of our eight that will be able to enter.

And sorry I wasn't posting much, I was busy with math and stuff. Plus blogger doesn't work for me on this computer. I know they closed a few days ago, but for some reason on this computer it won't let me sign out of my sister's blogger account even if I'm on my email and try to sign out. My friend Hannah is posting these for me, I'm just emailing them to her -- thanks Hannah! (I'm being a really nice friend. xD)

I'm probably going to go off and write. Hope you readers have a great Sunday tomorrow!


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