Monday, May 16, 2011

Is it just me or...

I know you guys hate this kind of posts, but I can't help it. Is it just me, or are all my posts getting boring and dumb? Because nobody comments really anymore, except for Hannah and myself. {Thanks sooo much Hans!} I'm loosing followers. I mean, like everyday someone stops. It's kinda discouraging, if you think about it, well at least for me. I know I'm supposed to be myself and just ignore all that stuff. 

I thought people were supposed to like reading blogs who don't post about giveaways every week & all that stuff.  I try to post pictures and make things interesting, but I guess it's getting boring for everybody. 

I guess this post didn't make much sense and all, but you guys aren't reading it anyway, probably. So why am I writing? I don't know. Whatever. I don't want to have to throw this big giveaway just to have more readers. It's not that I care that much, I mean, I'm just wondering why people aren't...I don't know. This isn't making much sense. I want people to read my blog because I'm myself. But since people don't seem to like that, I know I'll still be myself, but I might just not blog for awhile. And I know blogging isn't about the comments & all, but yeah. It's just discouraging. 

I guess that's all for now. I had some good post ideas, but my blogger isn't even working -- I have to use Mom's computer for it to work -- plus nobody really cares anyhow. 

Just so you all know, comments really make my day. It's hard to blog if I'm like the only one even looking at my posts. You all can be so encouraging!


  1. I know exactly you feel. My blog is the same way. But...yeah. It comes to the point where you just have to keep doing it, and hope that something happens. I use my blog to flesh out my thoughts a lot, too...just my ideas about God and stuff. And then I put them on the web, where anybody can find them. LOL

  2. I love you Kendra. Your one-of-a-kind. I love reading your blog!

  3. Hi Kendra, I've got to (please excuse me) admit that honestly, you posts have gone to a bit of a drag lately. You're posting about your life, which is good, really good. But you also want a good mix of your own writing too. Like I often write about, being yourself or a descriptive post describing the feeling of a forest, thing like that which leave you with a good mix of writings as well as life happenings.

    I'm planning to do a 'tips to better blogging' post on my blog soon, so perhaps that will help.

    Remember the Journey, girl! Don't be discouraged. Not everyone is ever going to like you, there will always be those who don't, but You have great blogging friends who really care and would hate to come to your blog one day and see that it's gone. Just remember to be yourself and keep posting. Remember that numbers don't count. It's not quantity, it's quality.

    love from,

  4. I'm so sorry you feel that way! Even though I rarely comment, I read a lot of your posts. Don't feel discouraged by the lack of comments or losing followers. I know it's hard to look past the 'blogging popularity', but when you simply blog to have fun, express yourself, bring glory to God, etc., the amount of comments or followers you receive will start to effect you less.

    For the longest time, I would get extremely frustrated by lack of feedback from my followers, but a post by another lovely blogger made me stop and think. Was I just blogging to be noticed?

    I hope this helps. I'll try to comment more, but even if I don't be assured that I read and enjoy your blog!

  5. I'm so sorry! I like comments too! I do read, I just don't comment. You have a great blog, and I really enjoy reading it. I'll make sure to comment in the future! :)

    Abby :D

  6. Beautiful pictures, by the way!

  7. Just keep posting. This is your blog, and you can post whatever you want, whether people have interest in it or not. If you blog just to get followers, you're blogging for the wrong reasons in the first place.
    That aside, followers *are* great. If you make your posts really express who you are, they'll just naturally want to find out more about you and your life.
    And another way to get comments is to ask questions and opinions of your followers.
    Hope that helped (I'm just a beginner myself and I have less followers than you anyway but these are just blogging trends that I have noticed)!
    --Love MCat

  8. Don't worry, I only have 37 followers. =P Thanks for commenting on my posts. :)

  9. Oh yeah. I forgot to say, don't stop posting!! I love reading your posts!

  10. Hi Kendra,
    I'm sorry you feel discouraged.
    I don't usually comment on blogs even though I enjoy reading the posts. I know how you feel when you don't receive a comment. It is always nice to see someone left you a little note. But just know that I'm sure there are alot of people reading but just not commenting.

    Love Your Friend,

  11. Kendra!

    I totally read your posts but sometimes i don't have time to comment (or i don't really know if you would be creeped out since you don't know who i am) But please don't stop posting! I love your posts.


  12. Don't feel that way at all! I look at your blog nearly everyday! Whenever you post anyway! I try to comment, but don't often. I have 15 followers so don't feel bad!

    Emma Lou

  13. Hello Kendra,

    *coughs - stares at ground* I feel guilty. :) I haven't really commented on anyones blog because I've been gone all week - and I know I'm not very good at commenting either...sometimes I'm in a hurry and I don't comment (or I don't know what to say) but I have read basically everyone of your posts.

    You know what? I feel the same way. I got a record two comments.

    And believe me. I love blogs that don't have giveaways every day. :)

  14. Wow! That is what is happening to me right now!Down to the last point! Don't be discouraged I just don't have time to comment (or post) that often. PLEASE don't stop blogging!!
    Your friend(on the interweb anyways) Hope

  15. I love your blog Kendra! I usually don't comment on a lot of the blogs I follow even when I do read them. Usually I like to write an interesting comment instead of just "great post!" or something like that so I tend not to comment if I reallyh don't have anything to say really. Hope that makes sense :) Your blog is great! Don't stop! :)

  16. Oh I'd hate for you to quit! I love reading your blog it's just that I never really know what to say. When I do have something to say I usually am running out of time and then I decide to "comment tomorrow" and I forget about it! So sorry. I'm not the commenting type of person. I'm really quite jealous however because you have 136 followers! I'm up to 8. I think... After this I'll try to start commenting more. I didn't really think about the fact that even though I LOVE getting comments other people might like it if I commented too. Anyhow I'm on my dad's computer and I'm not supposed to be on here very long at a time I don't think. I'll be back later!

  17. I know what ya mean! but Hannah just told me about your blog.. I love it!

  18. Hi Kendra! I love your blog, but maybe I can give you a few tips:)

    Talk to the readers. (You already do that very well!)

    Involve the readers in posts. Thank them for following.:)

    Be sure you ask a question in each post, so it will give the readers something to comment about.


  19. Hi, Kendra! I read your blog often, but I don't comment all that much for a few reasons; one is because I don't know you personally. About loosing followers, don't feel so bad, I only have 4! :P

    Don't stop writing!

    ~Charli Rae

  20. Hello Kendra!

    Don't get discouraged. I have gone through the same thing. I think bloggers go through spurts. I do, any way. I comment a lot one month, and the next can hardly find time to. So, perhaps this is just a down time for your commenters. :) I am following you and will try to do better at commenting for ya! :) I enjoy reading just daily life posts. But whatever gets posted, I'll try to read!

    In Christ's Service,

  21. Aww, Kendra!! *hugs*

    ..Don't give up, my dear! <3 It can get discouraging, I know. All that you said I have gotten in my head at one point or another..but, you know, in the days when I was just a tiny little blog with 15 followers..I didn't even realize I had followers, hardly! I don't blog for followers or comments, I blog because I want to express my feelings/finds/life with others, even if they don't show me they are reading. Everything you post, SOMEone out there will see it that day. :) Before you know it, a year has gone by, you have more followers (and you didn't even see your list grow), and it all just becomes part of the fun! DON'T make your priority "comments and followers.." because though those things ARE wonderful aspects of blogging, if you get focused on that, yes, it will get discouraging.

    Also~~it is great to hear about your life/pictures, but how about some movie/music reviews? Pretty dresses you find on Etsy? A list of your favorite cookies? Break it up a little, and be unique..pretty soon people will start to flock in!


    P.S. (And doing a giveaway every week definitly doesn't hurt...but that's a little too often, yes, so unless you're going to be a giveaway blog, don't do that! How about proposing giveaways at milestones, like "200 posts," or "150 followers," etc.? :)

  22. Hi Kendra,
    Sorry, you're so nice to comment on my blog, and I hardly ever comment on yours :( I'll try to be better about that! I love your photography! I often try to leave comments when I read a blog post, but sometimes I'm not quite sure what to say! It's funny that I have a blog... and I'm not too great with words!

    Please don't be discouraged. In fact, I've been wondering the same thing about my blog... I seriously need to make it more interesting! I do a lot of giveaways, but need more interesting posts... got any suggestions? ;)

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I'll try to comment more often :)

  23. Thank you all so much for your encouraging little notes! :) You guys are the best eva'.

  24. I check your blog about once or twice a week...commenting is tough for me...and now that I am limiting how much I am keeping up with in my life (it's causing me to have emotional breakdowns because I am so stressed trying to stay on top of it all!!), commenting and reading blogs is happening even less. But I love picture posts...what you are doing every day...your opinion on things (verses, clothes, movies, etc.)...And you already know I don't follow anyone's blogs. ;)


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