Monday, May 2, 2011

mountain mushroom festival

This weekend we went to our grandparents' for The Irvine Mountain Mushroom Festival (which is why I didn't post sooner). We had loads of fun running a 5K race, spending 5 dollars, watching the parade -- and much more.

Max & Anna as mushrooms. 

Five of us ran the 5K race -- and we all won medals. =) There were like tons of different age groups, and in Anna's she was like one out of three. I didn't think I'd win anything either, since I was basically the youngest in my group. Samuel got 1st in his group, Max 2nd in his, Anna 1st in hers, Mom 3rd in hers, and I 3rd in mine. 

Next there was the cake decorating contest; which Anna won 1st in. She had a great cake, even if she was the only child who entered -- thus got all the prizes. 

The parade was fun. Lots of trucks and loud noises, with people waving. 

I don't think Samuel appreciated all the loud sirens from the fire trucks. :P

Anna & Heidi did this sort of bungie thing...that's what they called it. They did it in skirts. See? You can do  just about anything in skirts, even if you do get a few stares at this festival -- where everyone is wearing tiny shorts and sleeveless shirts. {though it is hard to run in skirt, we don't do that}

(the train that I took the girls on)
I went back to my grandparents' house four times. It's like half a mile from the fair to their house. I carried Petra and Heidi on my back (taking turns) two times on the way home, and boy was I tired. After running over three miles, walking around the fair all day, going back and forth to the house, taking kids on "piggie back rides", and whew. It was fun though, and well worth it. Thank God for the great weather we had! 

Do you go to a fair once a year? Do you look forward to it? 

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  1. You won 3rd! YAY! That looks like fun! We hardly ever go to fairs or festivals or anything. =P Its more like once every 5 years. :-P

  2. Looks like lots of fun! I never thought you could bungie jump in a skirt, which is why I've never done it before (I don't think I'd be able too). I can run in a skirt, does ripping it count? ;D


  3. That looks like alot of fun! It is hard to run in a skirt, but I agree, you can do most about anything in them!
    Good job on winning 3rd! I have never done a 5k run before, my friend did, and she won last! We all had a good laugh!


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