Wednesday, May 18, 2011


lie:: sometimes people leave the worst comments on your blog {Thank you sooo much for yours, Megan & Lucia, and everybody else too, of course. But thanks to Megan & Lucia for stepping out and telling me what was boring about this blog.} 
lie:: people don't care about me
lie:: i love pink flowers {though in this instance, I'll have to say I do like pink flowers. Most of the time no pink for me though.} 

lie:: winning 2nd place {my age group} in a 5k race with over 300 people in it is not awesome 

lie:: I did hardly any math today

lie:: math was really easy, especially since I only did four lessons

lie:: it was awfully sunny today

lie:: this is a really interesting post & it's not so randomly at all 

lie:: I am not excited at all to be moving to a farm & being able to help out with a horse ranch 

lie:: I got up really early this morning & the race was horrible {it was amazing. we got a free dessert meal because of a baking contest. Sugar = yummness; especially after running a 5k} 

lie:: I really do not want to go write on my book & add a battle to the mix 

lie:: I do not want to go to Narnia right now 

lie:: I'm tired of the truth

truth:: I want Jesus Christ to be known to all nations. Even if that means passing out gospel literature at McDonald's. Why are we so afraid to stand out? 


  1. EEEK!! It works!!! YAYNESS!!!!

  2. Great post! It was pretty sunny for us.
    Ick! 4 lessons of math? What kind of math do you do? I'm using Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1.
    You're helping out with a horse ranch? That's so neat. I love horses. :) Congratulations on the race! Sounds fun.
    Amen! Being a missionary would be wonderful.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hey, I like random posts. :)

    This was very good, especially the last part. Very... what's the word...? Challenging? I mean it in a good way. It challenged me to really think about how I act in my faith around others...


    In Christ's Service,

  4. Kendra! I am ashamed of you!! ;)


    ..OH, m'darlin,' I *never* said that your blog was boring!! NEVER!! Because tis not true. If your blog is boring, then everyone in the whole world's is boring!! I merely gave you a few suggestions as to what *I* enjoy seeing..and I am happy to see that you have decided to stick to it, after all. ;) CONGRATS on the 5k!! So what was this for?? I run long distance (Cross Country), too..pretty fun! Once I won 2nd over about 150 runners..always cool!


  5. Haha! I was just thinking that! I want to go to Narnia too! *whimper* Shall we run off together then? :D

    P.S. For the record, your blog is so NOT boring.

  6. Cool pictures! I love the one with the flower and the ladder-thingy. =)

  7. Hullo!

    Lie: Sitting for 8 hours waiting for 25 dvds to burn is fun.

    Truth: But if one has a laptop in tow while waiting - it isn't so bad.

    I laughed crazily over your math lie. Did it actually work? I mean - did you math book finish the problems? Can I send my math to your house? ;D

    Have a lovely great day *sunny or not*.



  8. I LOVE this post! TRUTH: You are awesome!
    Your friend, Hope

  9. Now THAT was an interesting post! LOL

    But I especially loved the picture of the dog smelling the flowers...heehee...go figure, eh?! :D


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