Thursday, May 5, 2011

kid sitting

Yesterday I babysat kid-sat for our neighbors, the Boazes. They have two kids, but I only watched the youngest -- Thomas -- today. He's awfully great for taking pictures of.

Thomas loves mud puddles. I think he could throw rocks in them for hours.

{My absolute favorite, I love the reflection in the water.}


I tried to move on to the barn (we were trying to see the cows) but he found another mud puddle. With all this rain, the entire gravel road was just plain puddles. Okay, some of it was. 

Tom finally saw one of the cows and decided to run towards them. 

The cows weren't interested though.
Oh well. Still interesting for Thomas.

Then we walked into the large field. It's too bad that farm isn't in our boundaries. It's a nice red barn. 

He picked some flowers for mom. 

Do you ever watch your friends' kids? Which picture was your favorite? 


  1. My favorite is the picture with his reflection! I like the last one, too. I never have really baby-sat, but I want to. =P

  2. I didn't know you lived on a ranch!! i do too (well a farm)


  3. Wow, you're very good at taking pictures, I like the one with the falcon. As to babysitting/Kid-sitting, I babysit some of the kids from my karate class, and also, I sometimes babysit some of the kids from church.

    God bless,

  4. Thanks for the kind comment, Kendra! Don't you love neighbor kids who let you shoot them? I know I sure do. I especially like the reflection in the fifth pic- very crisp!

  5. I was just looking at some of your old posts :) I really want to babysit!


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