Thursday, May 26, 2011

it's the little things

We found two tiny turtles in the creek this week. 

I know, he looks ugly.

But he's really kinda...cute.

Even Max kissed him.

And the thing is, he really is tiny. That's a penny, by the way.

I apologize for not posting much this week. I'm trying to finish three of my subjects so I won't have to do them over summer. Plus with moving soon, and seeing friends -- life has been busy.

{this is the bottom of the turtle}

It's the little things that matter. Are you cherishing every moment of your life? Every God-given breath? 


  1. Oh my gosh! He's so tiny. My brother had a turtle but he NEVER came out of his shell :( This little guy is sooo precious!


  2. Aww... I don't think he's ugly at all! And so tiny, too!

  3. That is the cutest thing EVER! I want one now... :)
    --Love MCat

  4. This is so weird, but I was thinking of doing a post titled "The Little Things" or somethin like that! HA!

    I've just spent the last hour watching Georgie vids. There's a cute one called "ReelzChannel at Beverly Centre". Go to YouTube and you'll see it. The last few seconds of GG and Will together is ADORABLE!!!! Enjoy!

    Love ya,

  5. *resists an audible 'awwww' as it's late and the rest of the family is in bed* But, oh, I want to hold one. Badly. :)

    Reminds me of the tiny turtle my sister and I once found when we were younger. We named him Miles and kept him for a few weeks before setting him free. Although we adored li'l Miles, our love was unrequited and I do believe that he was relieved to go. Oh well. ;)

    Definitely the little things. Loved this post. :)

  6. He is so cute! I love turtles.

    Totally right, by the way. We tend to forget about the little things (like turtles) and even if we do realize how awesome they are we tend to forget to thank God for it.


  7. He is sooo cute! And tiny! Did you keep him?
    Love, Hope

  8. AWWWWWWWWEEEEEE!!!!!!!! =D He's SO cute!! I want a baby turtle now. I'll have to spend 70 bucks on a tank so I can get the free turtle at SSI. Its not really free though since like you know. You ahve to buy the tank to get it. xD

  9. I LOVE the colours one him! So cute! <3

  10. Cute! Are you going to keep him?

    Emma Lou

  11. Thank ya'll for your comments! ;) We actually let both go in the pond yesterday. We didn't want them to die, since they have to eat certain things. We can always find more, and even though it was a bit sad to watch them go, it was also fun.

  12. I had a pet turtle once, so I have a weakness for them! This one is really cute!!! :D Thanks for sharing pics! ;)


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