Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a bike ride {with lots of pictures from God's creation}

I think I'm famous for all these posts about bike rides. :-P That's like all I post about. Or so it seems.

I rode up to the cattle-guard//stone pillars//mail-box place to check on a bird nest I'd seen the other day.

Yeah, there are two big pillars. One says, "Spring Hill Farm" and the other, "Narrow Gate Road".

Anyway, I found the nest, with the mother robin squawking mad. They always get mad at me, and I don't steal or break their eggs. Just take pictures of them. I'm not slipping poison into your nest, Mama robin.

There were four baby bird eggs in the nest!

Isn't God amazing? I mean, how He makes the mother lay eggs and hatch into tiny bird that fly away and make more eggs?

I love taking pictures of blue eggs. With Mom's pink camera. Mine takes really blurry pictures close up. I should show you all some of the blurry pictures. =P I don't think it would be very interesting though.

I got some good ones of the nest, though it was kinda hard since it was high up in a tree.

I got a picture of our mailboxes for Hannah. :)

I like these ones of the hay. The farm people sprayed them all now though, so it's brown and not green.

I got back on my bike and headed into the grass field. 

But first I found a dandelion that looked great for a few pictures.

Make a wish!

There were tons of flowers out in the field. And of course I had to get a few pictures.

Okay, maybe more than a few. Warning:: photo overload! 

Maybe that wasn't a huge amount of pictures, but anyway, I'm done uploading them.

After taking that many pictures I decided to go home. I got lots of ticks on my legs from the high grass, but that's alright. Ticks are supposed to be good for you...aren't they? *ahem*


  1. wow great pix! i always enjoy looking at and reading your picture filled posts! have an awesome day!

    love ya,

  2. Those robin's eggs pictures are precious! So sweet!

  3. No,no,no LEECHES are good for you. RAL. I can't believe the doctors used to put leeches on people. UGH. The birds' nests are so cool! Its amazing how they make those nests. I wish I had my bike so I could explore Nanny and Papa's neighborhood. =P Was there anything from me in the mailbox? ;)

  4. Aww... I love to look at eggs. They're amazing. :)

    Ick. I do not like them. :P

    All the pictures look wonderful!


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bird egg pix!!!!!!


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