Saturday, April 23, 2011

a walk with Petra

*the past few posts (including this one) are scheduled posts; I am at my grandparents'*

Last week Petra & I went for a hike. We've gone on lots; actually. Since we knew she was going to my dad's parents house and I was going to my mom's parents house. So we had to soak in every bit of time together. *grins*

We hiked through the meadow for awhile, then went down to the wooded area and found a creek.

Charlene loved it.

Petra found some "flowers" and decided to give them to Grammy. She wanted lots of pictures of herself. Yeah, she's vain sometimes. You should see her when she looks at herself in the mirror...

There's the creek. Sadly my camera doesn't focus enough on close ups on water, so I couldn't get any real good pictures.

Then we went to the barn for awhile...

Then we walked home..

Petra likes walking in mud. So do I, especially if you're barefoot.


  1. oooh looks like fun fun fun!!!!

    her outfits adorable, btw. hehe

  2. I already read this when you accidentally posted it a week ago. RAL Well, it seems like a week. =P Petra is so cute! I love the pics of her walking in the mud puddles!


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