Monday, April 18, 2011

house church

This week we missed church because Dad was in the hospital, but that's alright. (Don't worry, there's always another day...*falls off horse* Anybody know where that's from? I'll give you a 'point' if you do.) Sorry. I fade from the subject very quickly. 

What I like about house church that you don't usually have in other churches is that everybody knows each other. And of course the delicious food after. ;-)

That's my good friend Bonnie and her adopted baby brother, Nobel. 

I enjoy talking & being together after church. Once we played kick-ball and last time we played capture the flag. 

Nehemiah loves dogs. (especially Miss Wanda's)

This little girl loves swinging. :)

(left to right) Vivian Marcum, Heidi, & Petra. 

Which picture was your favorite? 


  1. I like the last one and the first one best. :D Bonnie's pretty. :) Oh, and at the beginning, is that from one of the Narnia movies? I mean its gotta be. Unless its from a book. But Its gotta be from Narnia. XD


  2. Looks like a lovely gathering! My favourite is the little boy pointing to the dog. So cute! :)

  3. Hannah,
    i don't see any pic from Narnia?!?! Or do you mean a line from Narnia or something?!?! Eh, I'm confuzzled. LOL

  4. I think she means the "Don't worry, there's always another day...*falls off horse*" part. (It's Peter in the bloopers falling off the white horse in the battle)

  5. "If you fall off your horse, get right back in the saddle." This what you are talking about Miss Kendra? :)

  6. I think my favourite is of the three little girls. Its the very last picture!!


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