Friday, March 18, 2011


Yeah. Sorry about that title. It's a nice one, eh?

I haven't been posting much, if you don't already see. It's not like I've been busy. I took tons of pictures yesterday. I planned to upload them too. I told Heidi she could take some pictures with my camera if I was next to her and she accidentally deleted them all. I had some good pictures of Dad going into the hollow tree on that card. Oh well, that's how life goes sometimes. Then I took some pictures of Petra to go along with a post like this. But the computer wasn't recognizing the USB port, since my other computer is broken for the time being.  That's how life goes too. *winks* Have you ever thought about how much computers & such do for us? Seriously.

I've been writing and reading tons. I read six Left Behind the Kids books in five days. These books are huge too. Like 400 pages long. So that's 2400 pages. Then I read a smaller book last night and finished it this morning. I'm now over half way through the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I like that book. Even if I'm too old for it. Or maybe I'm not. The movies are great too. (though Prince Caspian isn't half as good as the first movie)

I'm planning on having a giveaway since this is my 199th post. :) One of my friends has already blessed me with a prize for the giveaway. If you'd like to give something, just comment on this post.

I should have gone for a hike earlier. It's raining now.

Wow....I'm really ramblin' on. Haha. I've been writing tons too. Making fiction stories is oh-so-fun.

"There didn’t seem to be any children, or girls, for that matter, in this little town. But most of all Anna missed her World.  It wasn’t really hers, she shared it with her two brothers and older sister Lynne, but still, it was partly hers. "

"Suddenly she heard a voice, a voice that sounded like thunder yet was calm at the same time, and it was calling her name.  Anna froze and looked back at the pond, where the voice was coming from. Her legs started shaking with fear, even though it was still warm outside. "

"Timothy shook her. “No! Never, never Lynne! Don’t sleep! You mustn’t!” But she wasn’t listening. And Samuel sat down next to her on the soft crisp grass. Suddenly he brushed up against something that was cold, as cold as ice. Samuel froze. "

"Slowly the trees seemed to be growing thinner and thinner until they reached a sign that read: “The Narrow Gate”. Suddenly a small black figure ran out from under a bush, and hid behind Anna’s shoe. "

“Let’s do go over to that gate, it looks ever so much more delightful than this one,” Anna pointed out, nodding towards the thorns and stones on the Narrow path, and the happiness of the other. "

Those are just little pieces of the new book I'm writing. I'm also writing a funny story with my friend Hannah.

But first, Edmund falls into a hole.  Grace calls for help. But no-one is there...she bursts into tears.

"Meanwhile, Peter tells Edmund he shouldn't have come.

‎"Why not?" Edmund says, searching the sky.

"Because," Peter replies, "You will hinder me"

“What does hinder mean anyways?" Edmund asked.

Edmund suddenly stopped speaking and dropped to the ground.

Peter looked up and saw more griffins and dropped the ground too.

Edmund fell asleep and started snoring. ‎"Ed!" Peter yelled, shaking his brother.

"Lynne started to fall since she couldn't hold onto his tail any longer. Peter tried to grab her but instead he missed and also started falling. Then he couldn't hold on any longer and they fell in the ocean. But just then, a ship came under them and they landed on its deck. The ship was loaded with pirates. Lynne realized she'd dropped her dagger. Peter decided the best idea was to jump in the ocean, so they tried, but they couldn't move, because they felt sea sick.   Lynne groaned and fell over. Then the pirates tied Peter's hands and threw them in a dark cell."

"“Of course, deary,” said the old cook. Lynne wasn’t sure she liked being called “deary”, that was something big siblings said to little siblings or something two people in love called each other. “And he’s certainly not in love with me,” thought Lynne, “So I suppose he’s calling me a little child. I do supposed I’m awful young compared to him,”

"Suddenly the man pulled out a knife and stabbed Lynne in the arm. She fell on the floor in pain. Peter was furious and went at the man with his sword. he stabbed it into him, but the man just kept on walking with no harm Lynne cried out and Peter started ripping his shirt.then he knelt down and bandaged her. While he was doing that, the man charged with his knife

‎"Hey!" Peter yelled. "Cut it out for a minute, will you? What do you want with me?""

Congrats if you actually read all that. *coughs* I'm feeling a bit restless right now. Outside here I come!

Oh, and you've probably noticed the new design. How do ya like it? I like the change, plus the cross on the header is very great to have on there. *grin*


  1. Yeah I like your new design I'm trying to redo my blog! (keyword TRY) I like my header but need a backround to go with it got any ideas where to get one? Any way missed your posts! Your friend, Hope

  2. Awh..I'm sorry your photos got deleted..! :(

  3. Hiya!!!

    So, the story you posted on here is just bits and pieces? I like, I like. :)
    Oh I love the new design, too. Awesome possum!!!!
    Love ya,
    Manda <3

  4. Hi Kendra! Thanks for making me laugh with our story! It cracks me up! We must worky on that tonight! :D I hope you fulfil your ______ in some way! Love, Hannah


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