Monday, March 21, 2011

spring is coming

(by the way, Erin has won my caption contest! Congrats, please go to contact & email me) 

March 2011 010

Spring is coming! If you're wondering why I'm taking pictures of our holly tree for spring; it's because there isn't any snow on them. ;)

March 2011 014

March 2011 015

Max has lovely eyes. It's sort of creepy though if you have them this big.

March 2011 016

March 2011 017

Look! There's green (almost...) grass! :-)

March 2011 020

I like fences, especially our black ones.

March 2011 022

March 2011 023

Timothy (or Max, Timothy is one of the main characters in my book) got scared. I think he saw a werewolf...

March 2011 024

Then Timothy overcame his fear and killed the werewolf.

March 2011 026

Spring is coming, remember? Flowers are coming up!

*I'll post another post with flowers later, I've got to get dinner ready* 


  1. The pictures won't show up for me! :(

  2. Oh, cool! I'm sending you an email right now. :)

    Lovely photos!

  3. The pictures are FINALLY working!! YAY!! I like the 5th picture and the last one. :D Max does have beautiful eyes! I wish I had brown eyes...

  4. Wow Kendra,
    my fave one is of the fence. Sooooo cool!!!!!! you're good. :)
    Love ya,
    Manda <3
    p.s. i shall be posting on FTBM soon, so be on the lookout soon!! :D


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