Wednesday, March 2, 2011

one of my favorite places....

tree climbing 001

is up in a tree {with a book or a camera}. Is there a better place where you can look out at all the farmland and see God's ah-mazing creation?

Today I decided to climb my favorite tree. We used to have a tree house, but when we moved to Egypt, we took them down since it isn't our house and we didn't think we'd come back to the US for awhile. Sadly the ladders we used to climb up were also in the junk pile. :-/ But I decided to climb some tree anyway.

tree climbing 002

The first tree I tried to climb is my favorite one, mostly because only Samuel & I know how to climb it. (Which means no more than two people will ever be in the same tree) Plus it has a lovely view of all the farmland.

tree climbing 003

tree climbing 005

{I'm entering this one in Kelsey's photo contest.}

tree climbing 006

tree climbing 009

tree climbing 007

Did I mention I brought a book along? I mainly only used it for photos though. =P

tree climbing 008

The book wasn't that good even to read though...I got it at our town library. It's not Christian and well, you have to read the book. =P Oh, I wish we could go to our old church library! {plu-ease Mom??} ;)

Anyway, I put the book up on the fence and went to see if I could climb the tree. And found out I couldn't even reach the limbs.

tree climbing 011

Then I heard a thump. 

tree climbing 012

My book fell!

tree climbing 015

So, the one tree was too high to climb without the ladder steps thing. I decided to climb the tree that everybody climbs in {my seven younger siblings were at the YMCA, I babysat for our neighbors and they were still gone}.  This tree is easier to climb, but you have to climb up from the fence and put all your weight onto one branch, so yeah.

tree climbing 016

Our house...

tree climbing 018

tree climbing 019

This is the branch where you have to climb up onto; the weak branch. =P

tree climbing 020

I finally made it into the tree. Here is my dear little book on the ground. Okay, be prepared:: lots of pictures comin' on up!

tree climbing 021

tree climbing 024

tree climbing 027

tree climbing 028

tree climbing 029

tree climbing 030

tree climbing 031

tree climbing 032

tree climbing 035

tree climbing 045

tree climbing 046

tree climbing 048

tree climbing 051

Then I made it safely on the ground. *sighs* I've actually only fallen out of this tree once, and it hurt. But Samuel made me fall since we were having a little "fight" & he was spitting down at me from above...haha. [he got quite a good fright when I dodged the spit and went falling back down to the ground, my back hurt for awhile]

tree climbing 054

I took a few photos of my book...

tree climbing 055

tree climbing 056

I love all the pictures I took with the sun shining through today. ;)

tree climbing 064

Then I went inside and put the pictures on here to make a very long post.


  1. Kendra,

  2. Hi Kendra!
    My favorite picture is the one here you are gasping because your book fell down. Hehe!! :D
    And, I am either coming to live there or you are coming to live here! OR we could meet in the middle...? =P I mean long lost twin sisters deserve to be together, right? *winks*
    (Hey anyone else reading these, we're not actual sisters... *cough*erin*cough*)
    Love you, Kendra! :) <3

  3. I enjoyed seeing all the pretty pictures! :)


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