Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lynne Harold

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I'm going to fill out this form about my main character in The Discovery, Lynne. You can click on the link for more information! I'm basically answering these questions and acting like her. 

Happiest memory 

Coming to Narnia and finding Timothy

 Laugh hard

Just joking around with siblings and watching Edmund eat Turkish Delight

What you don't want anyone to know

I don't really have a big secret. I'm happy who I am.

Clothes do you usually wear

In Kentucky, I wear regular clothes -- skirts and blouses. In Narnia I wear Susan's clothes or Edmund's. 

Some things you’re not very good at

Keeping my temper & following orders

How would your best friend describe how you look?

Grace would probably say I had beautiful long brown hair & brown eyes. Which is true. Not so sure about the beautiful hair. It gets messy sometimes....

What irritates you

When people treat me like a baby or a little kid. 

What are you afraid of

I'm not afraid of much. After all, I am "Lynne the Brave". But when Timothy got lost, I was very afraid.

About your family

I have three younger siblings and a good mother and father. Father will be leaving for the war soon. :( 

What does your bedroom look like

I share one with my sister, Anna. I'm very neat and organized, but she isn't very clean. Thankfully she obeys my orders when I tell her to clean it...

What do your think of yourself when you look in the mirror

I actually don't look in the mirror much...

Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you

When Grace said something about me and somebody. If I told you, I would be more embarrassed. 

What do you really, REALLY want more than anything else I the world

To stay in Narnia & have come home safety from war when he leaves.

Heart’s Desire

I sort of said that in the last question. 

{that is not something I would wear. I'm not a huge pink person, this is Susan's dress} 


  1. This is one of my favorite posts you've made! :D I LOVE the dress!

  2. Hello Lynne!

    Its so strange seeing my name on here! I wish we could go back to Narnia, too. I'm sorry I embarrassed you, but you've embarrassed me before, too. :P


  3. Nice to see you on here Grace! Yes, cheek to cheek whatever dancing with Peter WASN'T very funny, but I'll except your apology.


  4. Great picture. Lovely dress..

  5. I'm glad you accept it. The boys would give me a hard time about it.


  6. LOL
    I love you Lynne and Grace!!!! <3


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