Thursday, March 10, 2011

I could read....

all day long {probably}.

I am organized, so my books would never get like this....but I still like to read. 


That's defiantly me...

That's probably what my house would look like if I never ran out of money. 

I love to find a quiet place & read & read & read....

I also love to write. . . 

and read. Oops. I told you that already. 

::books I like love to read::

the Bible

Caddie Woodlawn 

Left Behind (the kids) series

Circle C Adventure Series 

Chronicles Of Narnia

And sooo much more. 

 {my picture}

This is how many books I got at the library this week. 

What books do you like to read? Do tell.

Note-- I got these images from google search & this site. 

There are also some giveaways going on. 

Also, two of the people did not contact me with their address, in my giveaway. I will draw two new winners soon. 


  1. Haha, this is totally me, too. I love to read so much...I'm the girl who wanders around the library for 30 minutes just trying to decide which book to pick up, the one who'll go to a bookstore and just stand in front of the shelf (or sometimes sit), reading a book. :D Yup.

  2. Youuuu Just described me!! Amazing!! I LOVE reading!!!!! And I have to many favorites!!!

  3. Haha that's me all the way!!! :) I loved this post. Very cute. The pic with that girl with the long red hair reminded me totally of Anne of Green Gables!!! LOL
    I love reading:

    Chronicles of Narnia
    Golden Filly series
    High Hurdles
    books by Janette Oke
    Calico Captive
    Anne of Green Gables

    and lots lots lots more!!!!

  4. love all the pictures!
    check out the photo I took yesterday:

  5. wow, your blog is beautiful! I love that you blog about your passions and your faith. ;)

  6. oh, I love Caddie Woodlawn!! I am in the middle of the second book right now!! it is called "Magical Melons"


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