Thursday, March 3, 2011

::caption contest:: hosted by myself

Today I am hosting a caption contest. :-o

If ya'll are wondering what a caption contest is, I will post five pictures, and you guys can comment with a funny caption. The winner will receive three hand-made cards & maybe a few other goodies from me.

^^ there's a picture of how my handmade cards look like; you'll get something like this

Anyways, you just comment with the picture number you're entering for with a funny caption added {you can enter as many times as you like}. I will choose five entries that make me laugh the most, and the ya'll can vote for which caption you like the most! The caption with the most votes wins the cards. Sound good?

If you still are confused, this is what I'm looking for::

toy-story wallpaper

Buzz:: I told you to stop dropping those gum-balls on my head!

Okay, that was a really bad example...but yeah, I was trying to go fast. You guys have to do better than that. Alright? 

Here are the pictures






So, you can enter for as many as you want...just make sure to tell which one you're entering for! Oh and please spread the news. *winks* Have fun!

Ends the 12th of March.


  1. Oh, what fun! Here I go~

    1) Mr. Tommas, whispering; "It looks like it's going to snow..." Lucy, sassy whisper "No kidding."

    2) Huans-Solo; "You took my cookie, now give it back or else!" Laya "Umm..." Luke "... looks like he already ate it..."

    3) Maria "I like spiders in my bed!" litte girl "You do?" Maria "Certainly!!!"

    This next one won't make since unless you watch the Andy Griffeth show, but I'll try it anyways...

    4) Andy, whispering; "Hey Barn, Whanita and Phelma Lou met today..."

    5) Anne; "Oh dear, Marila won't be to happy to hear I failed my history test, flunked in my grammer lesson, didn't do my homework..." Gilbert; "She is so smart."

    Stop by and tell me which was your favorite Kendra!

    May the Love of Jesus shine upon you today,

  2. Here goes!

    Faun: Can't you just hear 'em?
    Lucy: Uhhh...

    Hans: Don't get fresh with me, young man.

    Kid: Do you always sing and dance around when there's a storm?

    Maria: Weeell, it depends on how many back-up singers and dancers there are. I woiuldn't want to be dancing like a fool by myself, now would I?

    I can't think of one for #5!! Hahaha


  3. I only have one caption to submit...for picture #1:

    Scarves: Apparently warmer than a shirt.

  4. I'll enter if i can think of anything. ;) The last picture is my favorite!!

  5. Okay,

    #1. Look, it's a hawk! Or maybe a falcon, oh I DON'T KNOW!

    #3. Let's jump up and down on the bed till someone tells us to stop! hehehe!

    #5. Wow, I should pull her hair.

    Have a great day,


  6. I'm not good at this, Kendra! =P But, I'll try. Just don't publish my comments! =P RAL
    uuhhh #4 Andy: "That one's checking you out, Barney"

    #2 Hans: "its okay, sweet(what does he call Leia???) I've got 'em! Just leave this to me!"

  7. I can't think of ANYTHINg for #5! =P

  8. I said not to publish them! Cheeky girl!

  9. You won't care. ;)

  10. Lol - sappiness and cheesyiness is a family trait. ;)

    #1: Despite Mr. Tumnus's eagerness to show Lucy the home of the White Witch, Lucy seemed to be more interested in the makeup artist's job.

    #2: (rotflol, this picture is completely hilarious)

    Han Solo : So if you'll just step aside...

    Leia : Will you tell look to get his gun out of my hair?


    Maria : I believe that was a back muscle I just pulled.

    #4: Ummm...I can't see picture four. :)

    #5: Gilbert : Ha ha, you forgot to close the lid on the pudding.

    (explaining the mice. :)

    That was fun. I'm feeling very out of sorts at the moment...



  11. #4. Andy: Don't look now, but you have a rip in the seat of your pants.

  12. For #4 ~ "My wife said I do WHAT?!?!?!" (Sorry, couldn't help myself...if I think of others, I will let you know :P)

  13. Ummm they aren't married... Are they?
    Haha, Kenny! You are right, I don't. HA

  14. Okay, for #4

    The guy on the right is thinking, "Yuck! his ears stink!"

    For #3: Maria, "I'm loosing me balance! help!"

    For #1: I know this is what I would be thinking if I was Lucy, "Hmmm... his ears are so WEIRD!"



  15. Ohh, how very fun! Here are mine:

    1. Lucy: "My, what a professional. Enduring the bitter cold like this in only a flimsy scarf. And without a single complaint! How brave."

    Mr. Tumnus: *eyeing the clock* "Three hours, twelve minutes, and five seconds until quitting time...four seconds...three seconds..."

    3. Maria: "Why yes, children, it's the very middle of the night, it's storming outside, and the entire household is sound asleep. What better time to exercise our lungs and burst into a loud rendition of 'My Favorite Things'?" ;)

    I have enjoyed my visit to your blog...it is lovely. :)

  16. 4.
    "Hey, I think somebody's looking at us" Oh my, you're right!"

  17. #1 Mr. Thommas, "Hey Lucy, I have somthing in my ear...ya think you can get it out for me?" Lucy, "Are you crazy??"

    #2 Hans-You stay away from my fridge... Princess-No, it's ok Hans! They can have the Mayo!

    #3 Girl-do you ever just talk what you feel?

    #4 Guy w/out hat-You know.....I put spiders in your pants... Guy w/hat-Yikes!

    #5 Guy(thinking to himself)-boy...I've got the hots for her... Girl-oh dang it! Did I forget underwear? Why is he staring at me???


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