Saturday, March 12, 2011

::caption contest:: the finalists

Thank-you to all the girls that entered my caption contest! It was hard, but I narrowed it down to five finalists, one for each picture.

Here are the five girls who's captions made me laugh the most.

"Despite Mr. Tumnus's eagerness to show Lucy the home of the White Witch, Lucy seemed to be more interested in the makeup artist's job." ~Bethany

Hans-Solo; "You took my cookie, now give it back or else!" Leia "Umm...Luke "... looks like he already ate it..." ~Johanna 

Maria: "Why yes, children, it's the very middle of the night, it's storming outside, and the entire household is sound asleep. What better time to exercise our lungs and burst into a loud rendition of 'My Favorite Things'?" ~Erin 

Andy: "Don't look now, but you have a rip in the seat of your pants." ~Abby <--Oh my! That quote made me crack-up. Or maybe it's just Barney's expression . . . . 

"Too bad I'm not sitting behind her," Gilbert is thinking, "I might get in trouble if I reach across and pull her hair. From behind I could tie her braids to the desk and when she got up she'd be stuck." *chuckles to himself* ~Anna 

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That's the video I can watch a million times & laugh over and over again. (My sister and I doing "drama practice". She was first the grand daughter, but instead of crying she'd laugh. So it didn't turn out well and I had to fake cry...)

Good luck to the finalists! I'll announce the winner next week, the one who got the most votes.

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  1. Such a funny video:)

    Gongrats to the finalists!



  2. LOL You're an excellent actress... so good at fake-crying :)

    I love the captions! I voted in the poll! :)

  3. Like I am going to get my way!!!!!!!:P

  4. Anna:: Haha! Your caption was probably the most imaginative (*winks*) but Abby's made me laugh the most. The picture of Barney is too funny!

    Faith & Renee:: Thanks!

  5. Rotflol, I was laughing so hard. ;) You almost had me think you were crying - only I couldn't figure out why you were crying...the plot seemed to escape my bad hearing. :)

  6. I love the video! You did a great job at the crying. That's one thing I could never do. :)

    Abby :D

  7. PS. Did you know at the time she was doing those faces?

  8. Bethany:: I know. There wasn't really a plot...we just made something up real fast. RAL! <--Roll around laughing

    Abby:: I can't believe you guys think my crying was good! That was totally fake, I couldn't do my "real" cry, because Heidi kept laughing randomly, and I was feeling a bit "laughy" at the time. We actually did about ten videos, and they didn't turn out well because Heidi kept laughing when I was crying. And I didn't know she was making those faces until I uploaded the video! *laughs*

  9. I love the video!! HAHA!! Your crying is better than Lucy's!
    The Barney one was my favorite! I forget who said it... :-o

  10. Haha, thanks. =P

    Abby did the caption for that. *winks*

  11. HAHAHA that video cracked me up! LOL


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