Friday, February 25, 2011


Anna and I decided to do a little "photoshoot" of each other....please excuse the horrible quality (and our silliness). *winks*

girls 001

Me trying to act like a fashion model...HA!

girls 006

Just smilin' a weird smile.

girls 007

Look....I have four eyes. Wow, isn't that so cool?!

girls 011

Then I got a few pictures of Anna. The reason why they're so bad is because my camera isn't the best...it takes good photos outside of landscapes, but inside they turn out blurry.

girls 013

Anna (<--- click on her name to visit her blog) being silly...I think we all were being crazy. =P Oh and just so you know, Anna would love if you'd go and follow her blog. She's going to have an awesome giveaway (I know some of the prizes) when she gets 50 followers, which she's almost there.

girls 016

tehehe! Silly girl.

girls 018

The way I'm posing is weird...

girls 024

Then we put on our more regular clothes...we normally don't dress like fashion models. ;)

girls 029

Ack. They're all so blurry. =P

girls 050

I can't really post anymore of that jumper one because they were really blurry. I think I got tired of Anna taking pictures and moved too much...oopsy.

Sisters are really great. So are brothers. I like brothers almost more than sisters...but I like both. Brothers can be immature sometimes and sisters can be lazy and want to stay inside. Oh and by the way...I can be pretty bossy. *cough* Thank God for siblings!

My giveaway ends in three days, make sure to enter that by clicking on the link at the top of the page. I'm too tired and in a hurry to do it now! ;)

Also please pray for my friend Erin's dad. He just broke a few of his ribs, I'm not sure what else is going on but he is in the hospital. So yeah, prayers would be awesome!

The next time I post I will probably be posting the winners of the giveaway.


  1. HAHA! I like the one where you were "posing weird" and of Anna I like the first one posted of her. ;)
    Aren't sisters great?! RAL =P But, really they are. :D I don't see why you think boys are so great, though. All they do is play violent video games, violent outside wra games,violent board games, or do really crude, immature stuff. =P

    I'm praying for Erin's dad! I hope he'll be alright! :-/

  2. Hey!

    Yep, sisters are great! But oh, how I wish I had an older brother!!!!!! :)

  3. oh ya, i like the bluish shirt you're wearing, Kendra, with the jeans!! i would so wear that. :)


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