Wednesday, February 16, 2011

house church and birthdays and bike rides

church, self photos, & bike ride 011

Instead of celebrating our birthday on the day we wanted to celebrate it on (we all had the flu on the party date) Anna and I had a bit of a weird birthday. ;) We went to our grandparents' the week after we were going to celebrate our birthday, and then we had cake and ice-cream another day. All the same, it was a pretty good birthday. Guess what I got? A handmade Narnian Lucy costume!!! Well, it wasn't really a birthday present, since I actually had the idea of making it, and I got money from Grammy who made the costume [I helped. ;)], but I still got the costume on my birthday. Or the day we celebrated it. I'll show you some pictures of the costume later. :D

church, self photos, & bike ride 010

And Anna got a sewing machine from our grandparents!! {My mom's side, the ones who gave me the costume}. She is like sooo excited to get sewing!

church, self photos, & bike ride 013

Part two of this post is house church photos. Instead of going to a traditional church, we meet with other Christian families in our homes, like the Bible time days. ;)

church, self photos, & bike ride 015

Mr. Hanour and Mr. Paulson debating something...it looks like Mr. Hanour is mad at Mr. Paulson. haha!

church, self photos, & bike ride 017

Max & Race packing up the bikes the Marcums gave us.

church, self photos, & bike ride 016

My great friend Bonnie smiling for the camera. "Say cheese!" (Even if the sun is in your eyes)

church, self photos, & bike ride 019

Part three of this post is of the little bike ride Heidi and I took yesterday. Okasy, (a new word created by Hannah Elizabeth) it wasn't a little bike ride. We went all the way to Mr. Hodge's barn and saw the cows. Or the big freaky bulls, as Heidi puts it. =P

church, self photos, & bike ride 023

There's Heidi. You can see the barn in the distance and the Boaz's house on the left. We have like three neighboring houses, that's all. We don't live on a street or nothin'. I mean anything. ;)

church, self photos, & bike ride 021

God's gorgeous creation. The next couple of images are just going to be of the sky and landscape.

church, self photos, & bike ride 024

That's our house from a different angle.

church, self photos, & bike ride 025

church, self photos, & bike ride 027

church, self photos, & bike ride 026

Me looking prideful. Or trying to look magnificent. (haha) =P I think bloggers should post pictures of themselves once and a while so their readers know what they look like.

church, self photos, & bike ride 028

Oh my. This has to be one of my favorite photos I've taken. God is amazing, look at the sun coming through the clouds!

church, self photos, & bike ride 031

Then we finally reached the barn after many stops from me taking pictures.

church, self photos, & bike ride 030

Heidi found some sort of a treadmill thing in the dump. It still works actually. But you don't go anywhere, of course.

church, self photos, & bike ride 033

Heidi looking at the cows. She has a thing for that big bull. Like she's scared of it or something...

church, self photos, & bike ride 032

Mr. Big Bull and his little big friend behind him.

church, self photos, & bike ride 035

We went into the barn next. We're allowed to, don't worry, as long as we don't touch anything or set the barn on fire. (Like we'd set the barn on fire) ;)

church, self photos, & bike ride 040

I about stabbed Heidi with my "spear". Okasy, I was only posing for the camera when Heidi asked to take a picture of me...

church, self photos, & bike ride 041

Looking out at the view from in the barn....

church, self photos, & bike ride 043

After snapping a few shots we headed to check the mail.

church, self photos, & bike ride 045

We reached the road and the mailbox finally, but that day I didn't get any letters. Oh well, I got one today! :D

church, self photos, & bike ride 046

Then we went home, and I uploaded the photos on my computer the next day, and the end. ;)

Which picture was your favorite?


  1. Loved all the pictures! And I hope you had a great birthday! Love, Hope

  2. Happy {late} Birthday!! :D I liked the picture of the sun streaming through the clouds and the one of you looking prideful about being "brave!" RAL! It cracked me up! Instead of stopping to take pics on bike rides, I take them as I ride. Roowwwl!! I'll probably post my Pay it Firward post tomorrow, okasy? (I just HAD to use that word in some way! Rowwl!) Oh and I enjoyed seeing a recent picture of Bonnie. =P

  3. Kendra,

    that thing about posting pix of yourself.... was that a hint or something??? LOL Just kidding, but hey! My profile pic is one of me now, and not Georgie Henley! ;)
    Anyhoo, goregous pix!

  4. Kendra, I agree I loove seeing picures of the people who I follow! LOL! I should post one of me then huh. It goes both ways....

  5. I enjoyed all of them. No particular favorite. :)

  6. Hi-a! I'm Faith from somethingfun and, since I know that you like photography, I just wanted to tell you that there is a photography contest going on over at my blog! Here is the link:




  7. Oh my gosh Kendra. Thank you SO much for getting me more followers. Last time I was on I had 23 and all of a sudden I had 13 more! WOW!

    Thanks again,



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