Sunday, February 27, 2011

| the winners:: | of the giveaway!

You all are probably already skipping this part, and just looking at the winners. Well if you weren't a winner, I'm sorry, but that's just how it goes. =P You know what I'm trying to do? Take up all the room so you can't see the winners in the little preview post thing in your blogspot Dashboard. I think I've about rambled on enough::

The winner of the Fly Away Home Necklace is....

                                           ~Erin Elisabeth~
                                                              (profile link)

The winner of the White Rose Heart Locket is.....

                                                         ::Libbi H::

                                                                   (profile link)

The winner of the Ziva Dangle Earrings is.....

                                            | Ashley Nicole | 
                                       (profile link)

The winner of the 10% off code to Zoe's shop is.....


                            (profile link)

                                             *you do not have to take this offer*

The winner of the Crystal Earrings is....


                                     (profile link)

The winner of the Magazine from Rebekah is....

                                                                         (profile link)

Thank-you Kelsey for agreeing to trade the magazine for the earrings Betsy won! Betsy can't wear earrings, so thanks again! ;)

Congratulations winners! I really really really wished everybody could win something, but if there are 230 comments...not everybody can win something. :-/ Winners, please email me at ismikendra(at)gmail(dot)com and claim your prizes. If you do not respond within one week, March 7th 2011, I will draw a new winner. If you do not want your prize (i.e. if you can't wear earrings, or you don't want the 10%, just let me know in a comment and I will put the item up for grabs.) 

Oh, and let's tell the sponsors thanks again. ;) I will leave your links on my sidebar until April. If anyone wants to give an item to sponsor just email me at the address above.

I hope ya'll had fun! 


Just so you all know, I am now ending the giveaway. I won't have time to draw the winners tomorrow, and since I have a hour before bed tonight, I might as well do it now. ;) Sorry if you were planning on entering tonight. There are tons of giveaways going on. Click here if you'd like to enter some giveaways.

^^ My little brother Nehemiah last year...wait. That was 2009....wow. {photo credit goes to Anna}

Before I leave:: the university of Louisville (the team my dad played for in college) just beat Pittsburgh in a basketball game! Pittsburgh is #4 and U of L is #16 so we're pretty happy. :) 

Friday, February 25, 2011


Anna and I decided to do a little "photoshoot" of each other....please excuse the horrible quality (and our silliness). *winks*

girls 001

Me trying to act like a fashion model...HA!

girls 006

Just smilin' a weird smile.

girls 007

Look....I have four eyes. Wow, isn't that so cool?!

girls 011

Then I got a few pictures of Anna. The reason why they're so bad is because my camera isn't the best...it takes good photos outside of landscapes, but inside they turn out blurry.

girls 013

Anna (<--- click on her name to visit her blog) being silly...I think we all were being crazy. =P Oh and just so you know, Anna would love if you'd go and follow her blog. She's going to have an awesome giveaway (I know some of the prizes) when she gets 50 followers, which she's almost there.

girls 016

tehehe! Silly girl.

girls 018

The way I'm posing is weird...

girls 024

Then we put on our more regular clothes...we normally don't dress like fashion models. ;)

girls 029

Ack. They're all so blurry. =P

girls 050

I can't really post anymore of that jumper one because they were really blurry. I think I got tired of Anna taking pictures and moved too much...oopsy.

Sisters are really great. So are brothers. I like brothers almost more than sisters...but I like both. Brothers can be immature sometimes and sisters can be lazy and want to stay inside. Oh and by the way...I can be pretty bossy. *cough* Thank God for siblings!

My giveaway ends in three days, make sure to enter that by clicking on the link at the top of the page. I'm too tired and in a hurry to do it now! ;)

Also please pray for my friend Erin's dad. He just broke a few of his ribs, I'm not sure what else is going on but he is in the hospital. So yeah, prayers would be awesome!

The next time I post I will probably be posting the winners of the giveaway.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My wonderful parents

 I have been very blessed with great parents who are bringing me up in the Lord's way. Here are a few pictures of my dad and mom at the park last week!

hike 094

hike 093

This is probably my favorite one. Notice Dad's shirt says "i love my wife".

hike 097

After that, things got a bit crazy....

hike 100

I think Dad needs to get his eyes checked. . . .

hike 101

Well, those are my wonderful parents! Which photo was your favorite?

Since this is supposed to be my journal, I might as well write what we've been doing this past week. (which isn't much)

I've been trying to catch up on math...three lessons a day. Which reminds me, I still have to finish fifteen of the 60 problems. *sighs*

My backspace key keeps jamming. Did I ever tell you my shift key did the same thing before it broke? Thankfully there are two shift keys, only I have to use the one of the right all the time. But if the backspace key breaks...yikes.

Yesterday for church we went to our old house church again, instead of the one closer to us. There weren't enough families to meet at our current church, so we went to the old one. The Marcums (our good friends) were there, and my friend Bonnie was too. After church we helped at the Paulson's thrift store, they're closing it. We got TONS of clothes!

I designed Anna's and Kelsey's blogs. I really like Anna's, it has to be my favorite design I've done yet. Click on the buttons to see their blogs.


We've been watching Star Wars. The old ones, my dad liked them when he was younger. Not so sure what I think of them...they're sort of weird. =P All this "Jedi" stuff. I like Narnia wwaaay better. I can breathe like Dark Vader though...creepy. Max was like "What's that noise?" when we first saw him.  (HAHA)

Anna and I made a giveaway blog. There are so many giveaways going on, and you can gain entries by posting about them sometimes...so yep. ;) Click on the button to visit it.


Well, it's math time. And when mom comes back I have spelling. I'll try to post some pictures of our hike soon! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

house church and birthdays and bike rides

church, self photos, & bike ride 011

Instead of celebrating our birthday on the day we wanted to celebrate it on (we all had the flu on the party date) Anna and I had a bit of a weird birthday. ;) We went to our grandparents' the week after we were going to celebrate our birthday, and then we had cake and ice-cream another day. All the same, it was a pretty good birthday. Guess what I got? A handmade Narnian Lucy costume!!! Well, it wasn't really a birthday present, since I actually had the idea of making it, and I got money from Grammy who made the costume [I helped. ;)], but I still got the costume on my birthday. Or the day we celebrated it. I'll show you some pictures of the costume later. :D

church, self photos, & bike ride 010

And Anna got a sewing machine from our grandparents!! {My mom's side, the ones who gave me the costume}. She is like sooo excited to get sewing!

church, self photos, & bike ride 013

Part two of this post is house church photos. Instead of going to a traditional church, we meet with other Christian families in our homes, like the Bible time days. ;)

church, self photos, & bike ride 015

Mr. Hanour and Mr. Paulson debating something...it looks like Mr. Hanour is mad at Mr. Paulson. haha!

church, self photos, & bike ride 017

Max & Race packing up the bikes the Marcums gave us.

church, self photos, & bike ride 016

My great friend Bonnie smiling for the camera. "Say cheese!" (Even if the sun is in your eyes)

church, self photos, & bike ride 019

Part three of this post is of the little bike ride Heidi and I took yesterday. Okasy, (a new word created by Hannah Elizabeth) it wasn't a little bike ride. We went all the way to Mr. Hodge's barn and saw the cows. Or the big freaky bulls, as Heidi puts it. =P

church, self photos, & bike ride 023

There's Heidi. You can see the barn in the distance and the Boaz's house on the left. We have like three neighboring houses, that's all. We don't live on a street or nothin'. I mean anything. ;)

church, self photos, & bike ride 021

God's gorgeous creation. The next couple of images are just going to be of the sky and landscape.

church, self photos, & bike ride 024

That's our house from a different angle.

church, self photos, & bike ride 025

church, self photos, & bike ride 027

church, self photos, & bike ride 026

Me looking prideful. Or trying to look magnificent. (haha) =P I think bloggers should post pictures of themselves once and a while so their readers know what they look like.

church, self photos, & bike ride 028

Oh my. This has to be one of my favorite photos I've taken. God is amazing, look at the sun coming through the clouds!

church, self photos, & bike ride 031

Then we finally reached the barn after many stops from me taking pictures.

church, self photos, & bike ride 030

Heidi found some sort of a treadmill thing in the dump. It still works actually. But you don't go anywhere, of course.

church, self photos, & bike ride 033

Heidi looking at the cows. She has a thing for that big bull. Like she's scared of it or something...

church, self photos, & bike ride 032

Mr. Big Bull and his little big friend behind him.

church, self photos, & bike ride 035

We went into the barn next. We're allowed to, don't worry, as long as we don't touch anything or set the barn on fire. (Like we'd set the barn on fire) ;)

church, self photos, & bike ride 040

I about stabbed Heidi with my "spear". Okasy, I was only posing for the camera when Heidi asked to take a picture of me...

church, self photos, & bike ride 041

Looking out at the view from in the barn....

church, self photos, & bike ride 043

After snapping a few shots we headed to check the mail.

church, self photos, & bike ride 045

We reached the road and the mailbox finally, but that day I didn't get any letters. Oh well, I got one today! :D

church, self photos, & bike ride 046

Then we went home, and I uploaded the photos on my computer the next day, and the end. ;)

Which picture was your favorite?

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy {heart} day

Happy Valentine's day to the best readers in the world! ;) Most of you probably aren't married, remember the greatest love story ever, the story of how God send His only Son to die for sinners.

         Happy Valentine's Day!  {Don't forget to give your family some handmade cards.} :-)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

pictures from Egypt

 I love going back and looking at pictures I took in Egypt. For those of you that don't know, we lived in Egypt as missionaries, but left since I was sick, and there were other problems. You can look back at later posts for that. ;)

Dec. '10 (6)

Here's Petra walking along the lake. [Note: these pictures were all taken using Mom's camera. I took them all]

Dec. '10 (40)

A big beetle crawling on my skirt. (I'm not scared of bugs. When I was little I used to pick up big harry spiders behind the garage.) =P


The streets looked like regular streets in Egypt. Not that most of you see regular streets in Egypt....


More buildings. You know what really kills me? That we went to see the pyramids. Okay, that part doesn't kill me. But not having my camera broken at the time does. I mean, seriously, who's camera is gonna break when you're at the pyramids?! *sighs* At least mom got two pictures of the family on hers. For some reason it wouldn't take anymore.

Well, I'm thankful that I at least had a camera in Egypt. That worked, some of the time. =D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walk & Hollow tree | part 2

I don't know how many times I've had to type out this post . . . . once I did and someone closed down the page without saving it, then the computer restarted and I didn't have it saved. Then the picture hosting website wasn't working . . . ugh. Anyways, I hope this is the final time I will have to write out this post.

walk & hollow tree 020

This is like my favorite shot to get on our loonngg driveway.
walk & hollow tree 023

Yes, that's me throwing a snowball at my sister. *cough* I'm so nice, aren't I? She did put snow down my sweater when I was trying to take the first picture . . .

walk & hollow tree 031

Max took a lot of these pictures. Thanks Max!

walk & hollow tree 038

Nehemiah in the stroller. Every time I say, "Nehemiah, you're so cute." He says, "Cookie!" I guess he thinks I'll give him a cookie or something.

walk & hollow tree 042

Later that beautiful afternoon we went to the pond.

walk & hollow tree 044

I got a few pictures of Anna . . .

walk & hollow tree 045

walk & hollow tree 046

I really like this little spring house. It's perfect for pictures!

walk & hollow tree 049

Of course I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the frozen pond. ;)

walk & hollow tree 051

walk & hollow tree 052

The next day {it was a drearier day} Anna and I decided to go for a hike and take some pictures of the hollow tree Samuel had found {he saw it first, so he claims it's his}

walk & hollow tree 053

In case you're wondering where we are, it's in the cornfield behind the pond. Of course there aren't cornfields in the wintertime. I don't think I'm big on cornfields . . . I've gotten lost in one before. I was by myself & barefooted. And I was lost for a while. Not fun.

walk & hollow tree 055

Anna looks like somebody from Little House on the Prairie or something . . . 

walk & hollow tree 056

See the trees way down there? That's where the huge hollow tree is.

walk & hollow tree 065

We finally crossed the forever ending cornfield, got down to the creek, and reached the tree! =D

walk & hollow tree 057

walk & hollow tree 058

I decided to get some pictures inside of the hollow tree so you can actually see how big it is. I had to use the flash {not my favorite} but here you go:

walk & hollow tree 060

It looks a lot bigger than that in real life...all four of my brothers, sister, and I can fit in it. Probably five people can fit inside.

Well, there's the end of our Hollow Tree Adventure. We've already hidden from evil dwarfs inside of it and pretended to be pioneers. ;) Who knows what we'll use it for next time?

Oh, and we're still sick. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, and all the comments on Anna's blog made her day!

Psalm 30:4 ~ Sing to the LORD, you His faithful ones, and praise Him for His holy name.