Monday, January 31, 2011

A walk & a {huge} hollow tree

The day before yesterday it was absolutely lovely outside. Blue sky and warm weather, just enough to wear a sweater. Today, however, it was cloudy and chilly. *sighs*

Here go the pictures from Saturday's walk . . . .

the gorgeous blue sky and the long driveway

Anna, Nehemiah, and Petra enjoying the fresh air.

Petra loves eating snow. You probably already know that if you've been following my blog and paying attention long enough. ;)

Anna being silly. *sighs* As always . . .

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Wow! Look at that sun!

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*sighs* The tinypic website isn't loading so I can't put anymore pictures on here. I'll try to put the hollow tree ones on soon.


  1. That's such a pretty picture! It's just starting to warm up over here too. :) ♥

    Abby :D

    PS. You probably need a new memory card, I think you can buy them at the electronics store.

  2. No, I know what happened! When you post too many pictures on your blogs you need to buy more memory. It happened to me. But instead I just upload them to an uploading site then use the picture link to post them now. Here are a few sites that work for getting the direct link for pictures.


    That's all I know, but if you research it there's a ton more!

    Hope I helped!


  3. @Iona - That's so weird! I didn't know that could happen... I guess I haven't put too many pictures on my blog yet...

    @Kendra - Don't worry about having to unfollow, girl! I totally understand the trouble when you follow too many blogs. Every few months, I do a sweep and unfollow the ones that are no longer posting recent or are not frequently visited by me. I love the bloggers, but it's hard following too many!


  4. Great photo.. It is snowing here and we have a blizzard warning. :(

  5. I like the first pic! Your driveway is as long as our whole street. HAHA! I just walk around out street 3 times. RAL We don't get any snow, and its warming up over here. Its rainy and fogg and humid and in the seventies. UGH!


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