Thursday, January 27, 2011

the voyage of the dawn treader

I. saw. it. Finally! Waiting was sorta fun now that I think about it . . . but at the time it wasn't. You know how that is, right?

Well for most of you wondering what in the world the Voyage Of the Dawn Treader is, it's a book by C.S. Lewis, and Disney just made it into a movie! It's in 3D too, by the way. I've read the book many times . . . and the movie was really splendid. No, like really really great! marvelous. 

They didn't change it up that much from the book. [Warning -- this book review might not be so great to read if you haven't watched the movie yet!] 

Eustace was a perfect brat -- at first. Will Poulter wasn't exactly how I'd pictured Eustace but he was a great actor. 

A perfect brat . . . but at the end the whole crew wouldn't probably be anywhere without him! [I suppose Aslan could have worked something out though.] He turns into a dragon, and Aslan [the Lion] takes off his skin. Read this article here for more info. 

They did [Erin!!!] still have to find the Seven Lords.  But they also added that there was evil in the land, and by putting the Seven Lord's swords at Aslan's table it took away all of the evil. Not sure if I liked how that got added in.  

A few other things they changed was they added Goldwater island and the island where Eustace becomes a dragon into one island to save time. They made the Island of Voice's much shorter too.  The Dark island was at the end, before going to the beginning of Aslan's country. 

I have no clue why in the world The White Witch is on the poster! Edmund only thought about her on the dark island. Mom said they probably put her on the poster cause she looked cool and they wanted something evil on there. Huh . . . 

I really liked how they went further with all the temptation stuff, Lucy in the movie wanted to be beautiful like Susan. Later Aslan appears to her and she has a terrible vision of her being pretty and looking like Susan (Well really being Susan), but the real Lucy wasn't born, and they had never discovered Narnia. There's only a tiny part at the beginning with Susan writing a letter to Edmund and Lucy, and Peter doesn't appear in the movie at all really. Lucy seemed more like a real person, not so dreamy like and “in her own little world”. She had problems but solved them at the end. 
Edmund is pretty much how he used to be, sorta reminding me of Peter. Caspian suddenly has a British accent, I wonder why. He also looks better with a beard I think, with long hair in the other movie and no beard he looked almost like a girl. :P 

And good old Reepicheep! I really liked the hug between him and Lucy at the end. ;)

Some of the scenes were really funny! One when Eustace was sleeping, and the invisible Dufflepuds are looking around the camp. One of the Dufflepuds says, "Huh. Looks like they brought a pig along" Because Eustace was snoring so loud. Eustace gets really mad in one scene and says he’s going to call the British council. There’s some other pretty funny things too.

The part where Aslan takes of Eustace’s dragon skin was a bit lame to me, and they didn’t keep the line in where Edmund says, “That’s alright. You were only an ass, I was a traitor.” But they did keep the whole part where Aslan tells them to find him in the real world! Which is my favorite part, actually. 

Thanks so much for taking me to see this movie, Papa and Grammy! It was one of my favorite movies, plus my second one seen in a Theater and first in 3D.

What was your favorite part about this movie? If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d encourage you to! They’re thinking about making The Sliver Chair into a movie, but that depends on the success of The Voyage Of  The Dawn Treader. Also, there is a pretty scary sea-serpent in the movie, so if you’re ten and under I wouldn’t suggest seeing it in 3D.  The serpent was like coming at me. There is a bit of fighting, but not near as much as in Prince Caspian. I think this movie stayed truer to the book than Prince Caspian [defiantly!] but the first movie was like exactly like the book. Oh, and they added another little girl to the ship! I forgot to tell you about that, but at Narrowhaven Gael [the little girl] sneaks onto the ship, which I think the producer added her so Lucy would have another female to talk to, which was a good idea.  

I really wanted to add more pictures . . . but the internet keeps freezing. Grammy I hope this was a good enough movie review, and thanks again for taking me! 


  1. I LOVED this movie!!!!! My whole family went to see it in theaters, though we didn't get to see it in 3D. Was it cool? I have not seen anything in 3D yet, but I want to. One, and I say again, ONE of my favorite scenes is when Eustace first gets on the ship and is freaking out.

  2. Kendra,
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!! It was amazing, they did a fantabulous job on it, and.... now I just can't wait till the fam buys it, cuz we have LWW and PC. So yep!!! Great review, btw! ttul

  3. I'm so glad you got to see it! Isn't it amazing? ((yes, I also thought the whole un-dragoning and the "green mist" was rather...choppy))

    I loved Eustace on the Lone Islands (that was hilarious)

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD The Movie And my Favorite part was When Aslan took off the dragon skin on Eustace to me I think about it as God taking away Sin Cause we can't " Pull it off " Ourselves:)

  5. You did a nice review on the movie, KEndra! I agree with everything you said. But I was a little "What's with that?" with the extra little girl. It was OK, and I agree why they added her, but really! Voyage is my favorite of the Narnia books and the extra "stuff" was a bit of a disappointment. But all in all . . . it did follow the book more than Caspian.

    Are you OK over there in Egypt? There is a lot of stuff going on! I prayed for your family.

  6. great review Kendra! (from me never seeing/reading it and all ;) ) I should talk to my mom about the books. Anyway, thanks for posting! ;) I'v eonly seen one movie in 3D(other than educational vids =P) and it was Toy Story 3. HA!
    P.S. make a post on OUR blog for Pete's er John's sake!

  7. how do you edit and make your blog like that??? it's amazing!!!!

  8. Hey,
    I really liked reading your review. It reads like you have had college level course work (who knows how smart anyone is today who attends "higher" education.) so that might not be a great complement. Very insightful. I loved the movie, mostly seeing it with you all. Would have liked to have seen it with the other kids and mom. Also, I think that Disney might have missed the point of the movie if, as you see in the credits, Douglas Gresham had not been special producer and advisor. After reading all of the Narnian series, (and I am still looking) Letters to Children is a great next step. Also, Surprised by Joy. Has funny moments along with Mere Christianity which has helped me in many ways. More later. You're a wonder!


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