Saturday, January 22, 2011

snowy days

What do we do . . .

When it looks like this outside?

We play around with editing pictures.

We crank up music really loud . . . 

and dance around like crazy people.

We bang on the piano.

Line up and take pictures of each other.

[and ourselves]

In some pictures we look like criminals.

In others we look like science teachers. 

Or Julie Andrews. 

Then we go sledding.  [which is what I am about to do] 


  1. HAHA, that made me laugh...in the third pic, *cough* it looks like somebody...I know...and you know...of. =P CRREEEEEEPY...

  2. Elizabeth do you mean Justin B?
    A boy at the YMCA old Max that he look like him!

  3. Looks like some fun snowy day activities! :) Nice post!

  4. LOL
    Good times, right?!?!!? I love bein crazy with family and friends! Memories are the best!

  5. cute blog!
    i loved reading this post.
    xxo, Jazzie
    (from www.jsheaa.blogspot.com)

  6. Haha!! That was a great post, Sis[In Christ]! I loved reading it! So, how did the sledding go? Did you learn how to spell it? ;)

  7. Oh how fun!! all of the pictures are so cute! (p.s. I love your blog design! :)


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