Wednesday, January 19, 2011

old pictures

It's nice to go through and look back at times, right? Memories . . .

Henry a year or so ago. Goodness! He's not a baby anymore. 

This is more like it. *winks* Even this was in the spring.

Here's Heidi, Anna, Max, and I Christmas 2008.

My cousin Kylea is getting married! This isn't an old picture, but I thought I should tell. She was engaged a while ago so it's not new news though. Also my Aunt Kim is having another baby! *yay!* 

Do you have any siblings? Any old pictures? Get them out and take a look! ;) 

Oh, and Lucia is giving away many things . . . take a peak.

I got some pictures of the frozen creek at my grandparents', but that will be in another post! 

Also, please enter my giveaway! I expected more to enter . . . there is a book as one of the prizes, so seriously, click on the button on my sidebar to enter! 

I need to crash in bed now, :D

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