Thursday, January 13, 2011

let it snow

One thing my blog has been lacking lately -- is pictures. Mostly because Mom's camera hasn't been working, and I haven't been able to load my photos from my computer either.  Everytime I try it freezes . . . but anyways, I'm using Mom's little computer and here are some pictures I took with my camera:

Mr. Cutie [Nehemiah] when I took him for a walk. Hey, it's freezing outside, what did you expect? 

About half-way through our walk, I stopped pushing the stroller to see how Mr. Cutie was doing . .. this is what I saw. 

Some of the white snow, isn't it beautiful? It hurts your eyes to look at. 

Our long snowy drive-way

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I like to get this shot. Just lay on the ground and snap. Click, I mean. 

Some geese flying -- ack. Excuse the quality of that picture. My camera is probably worth $40, not $200 like most of yours. Or Mom's. 

Petra eating snow. She loves snow. 

A barn across the road, that's all the "snowy" pictures. 

The huge Voyage of The Dawn Treader poster in my room, Dad and Mom went to the movie theater to ask how much tickets were, and Dad asked about the movie poster. The lady at the desk said we could have it for free. Speaking of the Dawn Treader, I'd like [so] much to see that movie. I suppose I can wait a bit though.

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We're going to our grandparents this weekend, so I won't be posting for a few days. 

Until them, 


  1. Awesome pics! But I thought it was a little wrong that your $40 camera has as good quality as my {sometimes annoying} $200 camera. I REALLY like my camera, but it never focuses right, and doesn't pick up artificial light very well, even it's own flash. =P BUT, it's a camera!!! If you haven't read VotDT yet, I suggest you do, before you watch the movie. They TOTALLY screwed it up.

  2. Hi Kendra!

    I LOOVE the poster in your room. I would love one too, hehe, but it wouldn't go very well with my "theme" (brown, with bright colors...pink, blue, green, purple...) So yep! ttul

  3. Amanda! I'm so happy to see you commenting! I really missed you. Where have you been?

    Kendra~ So glad you could get the cheeky USB cord to work! :D Where's the cute pic of Nehemiah with the poster? ;) Cool poster, BTW! :D Very big. ;)

  4. Well surpise! I am actually on your blog and leaving a comment! :P lol Looks nice! And I will visit as iften as I can. :)

  5. nice pictures, and love the poster :)



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