Friday, January 7, 2011

Goals & Purposes for 2011

              1. to become more like my role model, Jesus Christ, and closer to Him by:

  • spending time in the Word. I'm shooting for 3-4 chapters of the Bible a day
  • praying, early in the morning when I read my Bible
  • memorizing and meditating upon God's Word, I'm going to try and memorize one verse a week this year, plus a chapter of the Bible every month
This is really my main purpose for 2011, for my life really. 
            2. be nicer to my siblings [and not losing my temper] by:
  • thinking of them first
  • asking myself "What Would Jesus Do?" many times a day
  • thinking before I speak

           3. work on math a ton. By:
  • spending a couple hours on it a day
  • listening to music while I do it
Why, you ask, do I want to work on math? I'm a year or so behind, from moving so much. That's why. *winks* 

A few more random things I want to work on:

                         spending less time on the computer and more with my family, and reading

                          posting more pictures

                         getting better at running, since I've been sick for so long

                          work on faking crying, I almost got tears running down my face when we were          
                          playing a board game yesterday! [I'm weird.]

                          read more. and more, and more.
I'm putting these on my blog so I can keep track of them. Here were my goals for last 2010:

1. Read the whole Bible::I failed, but I'm trying it again this year. It helps to even out the Old and New Testament

2. Read all the Left Behind books::I finished, 40 books in the series by the way.

3. Read all the Elsie books::Didn't finish. Ugh! Sorry to all the Elsie lovers, these books are very good they just got boring. Elsie was almost perfect and you had to feel sorry for her all the time because her "dear Papa" was mean to her. But, they are good books because Elsie is a Christian. I mean like a real Christian.

That's all for now. I'm posting another better post tomorrow, and update. This isn't a scheduled post, by the way. I forgot to do the scheduled post. 




  1. Good resolutions! Good way to narrow it down! HAHA! I listed like 30... =P It was the longest blog post I've made in the history of my blogging. =P I agree about the Elsie books. It really got boring. I read them all, but I skimmed a lot. So, that doesn't really count. I've read the first 8 so many times, but I'm not planning on reading them again for a looonnng time. =P Haha! Love you and so glad you're back! :) <3
    P.S. I'm going to buy some really girly stationary! MWAHAHAHA! And then to get me back, I suppose you'll use plain notebook paper. HA!

  2. Great goals! Especially the one about being nicer to your siblings.....I definitely need to work on that one too. (:

    love and prayers,

  3. HAHA, one time I faked crying about my brother killing a pretend buffalo, and I actually started crying for real. =P

  4. I like your goals for 2011, KK.


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