Friday, January 21, 2011


It's cold outside.  Here are some pictures to prove it from when we spend the weekend with my grandparents. [My grandma gave me her old camera! YAY! If you're reading this, thanks Gran-Pat!]

The mini barn in my grandparent's yard. 

bits of leftover snow and the majestic mountains of Irvine Kentucky. isn't God amazing? 

I [heart] red barns. 

   old fashioned plows are nice too.

Creeks are so fun to play in. In the winter not really though, you'd freeze.

One advantage to winter creeks though::they're lovely for photos.

*sighs* God's creation is marvelous. Seriously. How do people believe there was just a bang and after millions of years our world came like it is now? I don't know. God is amazing though. ;)

There are so many giveaways goin' on lately -- I'm entering lots. Maybe I'll win something. Hopefully. :-) Here's a giveaway you might find exciting: {{click here}} Saying I sent you over would be exciting too. I get more entries if you just mention I sent you over there. [hint: the giveaway has to do something with the fruit of the spirit]

I must be signing off now friends! Which picture is you favorite? 


  1. Lovely photos! My favourites are the ones of the creek! :)

  2. Lovely Pictures!:)
    I did not know you went down to the creek.

  3. Love the photos!

    & about the menu bars - the same thing happened to me. I believe it was because webs was doing stuff with blogger (check out the awesome fonts you can get using the template designer!!) Now everything should be working fine.

  4. I like the ones with the creek. I think the last one was my fave. =P I'll enter the giveaway! ;)

  5. Brrr... :) My favorite photo is the second to last one!

    -- Taylor

  6. Kendra - I was wondering, if I blogged (ETC) about your giveaway on my photography blog too, would I get entries for that? :)


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