Monday, January 31, 2011

A walk & a {huge} hollow tree

The day before yesterday it was absolutely lovely outside. Blue sky and warm weather, just enough to wear a sweater. Today, however, it was cloudy and chilly. *sighs*

Here go the pictures from Saturday's walk . . . .

the gorgeous blue sky and the long driveway

Anna, Nehemiah, and Petra enjoying the fresh air.

Petra loves eating snow. You probably already know that if you've been following my blog and paying attention long enough. ;)

Anna being silly. *sighs* As always . . .

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Wow! Look at that sun!

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*sighs* The tinypic website isn't loading so I can't put anymore pictures on here. I'll try to put the hollow tree ones on soon.

Winners of the giveaway!

*drum drum roll . . . *

First off, let's all give a big hand to the fantastic sponsors of my giveaway! *claps* I hope all you sponsors got more visitors to your blog.

I ended this a bit soon but I'll host another next week or so!

And now . . . the winners!

      The lucky winner of the photo from Olivia's shop is . . . #35, Anna Faith!

      Winner of the photo {your choice!} from Hannah's shop is . . . . Nutmeg, comment number 48!

      Hannah Ours gets a lovely picture of her choice from Kaboom's blog page!

     A Circle C Adventure book of your choice goes to Libby!

     Winner of the blog makeover {from me!} is . . . . Kelsey!

     The lovely earrings from Andrea belong to Lauren!

Congrats winners! I wish everybody could get a prize, seriously. But you'll eventually win a giveaway if you keep entering! {trust me, ;)} Plus I'm hosting another soon, the winners will get jewelry, I'm thinking about having ten winners. :-o

Winners please contact me and I'll give your address to the sponsor! [ismikendra@gmail.com] Go back to this post if you got the book or one of the photographs, and choose what book/photo you'd like, telling me in your email.

I'll choose new winners if you don't contact me within one week. I think that's all for now, blessings!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello all!

I'm thinking about ending the giveaway early, and hosting another giveaway soon. I have a few sponsors already, and I wanted to have prizes everybody would enjoy. I just didn't think people liked those photographs as much as jewelry and all! So, since some kind people have agreed to sponsor this new giveaway, I'm going to host another! Just for fun. ;)

A real post is coming soon about how we found a hollow tree. :-0

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pay it Forward

Soo, lots of people have been doing these. And when you enter somebody else's "Pay it Forward" you have to give five things of your own away.

The first five people to comment on this post will a gift. I'll explain the rules and all after I show the little "goodies". ;-)

The first winner [first person who comments] will get their choice of the above cards. The second winner [second person who comments] will get the card the 1st winner didn't choose. For example, if "Jane" is the first person to comment, she tells me she likes the blue card.  So she'll get the blue card, and the second person who comments will get the one with different colors. Alrighty?

All  of the first five people who comment will get some scripture verses on cards. [You don't get my Bible!] You may think my prizes are tacky, but what is better than cards that have sentences the most important book in the world's history? Slip these little cards anywhere, your purse, under your pillow . . . you get the idea. I challenge you to memorize Bible verses if you haven't already this year. ;) So, the first five people who comment will get 3-5 scripture cards. I'll try and decorate them a little more.

Rules [I added a few of my own the make this whole pay it forward thing easier. :P]

  • You must live in the US to enter. Wait -- I'll make you a blog button or a signature for free, if you're living out of America and you comment on this post at all. I like to be as fair as I can. 
  • You can enter as many "Pay it Forwards" as you want, as long as you have at least one of your own where YOU give five things away. I've entered so many of these things, I can't count them all. You can "earn" lots of goodies if you find one person who has already hosted one of these, then look at the five people's blogs who've are now hosting their own Pay it Forward. 
  • If you enter this and are one of the five first commenters, and I ship your prize to you, you must have one of your own Pay it Forward and give away five things! See how this works? Isn't it exciting? ;) 
  • The list of the five first luck people are below:
1. Emilie -- Visit her blog here
2. Anna Faith -- Visit here blog here 
3. Bleah Briann -- visit her blog here 
4. Hannah Ours --  visit her blog here
5. Jo Bekah -- maybe entered? Leave me a comment and let me know if you want to enter. This space is reserved for Jo! ;)

Sorry! All the spots are closed [I will contact the winners soon]. But, no despair! Click on the links and visit the winner's blogs, they will have a contest of their own soon! 

Just a reminder, all of the first five people to comment will get scripture verse cards, and a bonus of the first two people to comment will get a handmade card. Sound fun? Comment away! [Oh, and make sure you leave your email or blog address (If I don't really know it already) 
so I can contact you or else I will choose another winner!] 

I pray ya'll will use the verses wisely! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the voyage of the dawn treader

I. saw. it. Finally! Waiting was sorta fun now that I think about it . . . but at the time it wasn't. You know how that is, right?

Well for most of you wondering what in the world the Voyage Of the Dawn Treader is, it's a book by C.S. Lewis, and Disney just made it into a movie! It's in 3D too, by the way. I've read the book many times . . . and the movie was really splendid. No, like really really great! marvelous. 

They didn't change it up that much from the book. [Warning -- this book review might not be so great to read if you haven't watched the movie yet!] 

Eustace was a perfect brat -- at first. Will Poulter wasn't exactly how I'd pictured Eustace but he was a great actor. 

A perfect brat . . . but at the end the whole crew wouldn't probably be anywhere without him! [I suppose Aslan could have worked something out though.] He turns into a dragon, and Aslan [the Lion] takes off his skin. Read this article here for more info. 

They did [Erin!!!] still have to find the Seven Lords.  But they also added that there was evil in the land, and by putting the Seven Lord's swords at Aslan's table it took away all of the evil. Not sure if I liked how that got added in.  

A few other things they changed was they added Goldwater island and the island where Eustace becomes a dragon into one island to save time. They made the Island of Voice's much shorter too.  The Dark island was at the end, before going to the beginning of Aslan's country. 

I have no clue why in the world The White Witch is on the poster! Edmund only thought about her on the dark island. Mom said they probably put her on the poster cause she looked cool and they wanted something evil on there. Huh . . . 

I really liked how they went further with all the temptation stuff, Lucy in the movie wanted to be beautiful like Susan. Later Aslan appears to her and she has a terrible vision of her being pretty and looking like Susan (Well really being Susan), but the real Lucy wasn't born, and they had never discovered Narnia. There's only a tiny part at the beginning with Susan writing a letter to Edmund and Lucy, and Peter doesn't appear in the movie at all really. Lucy seemed more like a real person, not so dreamy like and “in her own little world”. She had problems but solved them at the end. 
Edmund is pretty much how he used to be, sorta reminding me of Peter. Caspian suddenly has a British accent, I wonder why. He also looks better with a beard I think, with long hair in the other movie and no beard he looked almost like a girl. :P 

And good old Reepicheep! I really liked the hug between him and Lucy at the end. ;)

Some of the scenes were really funny! One when Eustace was sleeping, and the invisible Dufflepuds are looking around the camp. One of the Dufflepuds says, "Huh. Looks like they brought a pig along" Because Eustace was snoring so loud. Eustace gets really mad in one scene and says he’s going to call the British council. There’s some other pretty funny things too.

The part where Aslan takes of Eustace’s dragon skin was a bit lame to me, and they didn’t keep the line in where Edmund says, “That’s alright. You were only an ass, I was a traitor.” But they did keep the whole part where Aslan tells them to find him in the real world! Which is my favorite part, actually. 

Thanks so much for taking me to see this movie, Papa and Grammy! It was one of my favorite movies, plus my second one seen in a Theater and first in 3D.

What was your favorite part about this movie? If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d encourage you to! They’re thinking about making The Sliver Chair into a movie, but that depends on the success of The Voyage Of  The Dawn Treader. Also, there is a pretty scary sea-serpent in the movie, so if you’re ten and under I wouldn’t suggest seeing it in 3D.  The serpent was like coming at me. There is a bit of fighting, but not near as much as in Prince Caspian. I think this movie stayed truer to the book than Prince Caspian [defiantly!] but the first movie was like exactly like the book. Oh, and they added another little girl to the ship! I forgot to tell you about that, but at Narrowhaven Gael [the little girl] sneaks onto the ship, which I think the producer added her so Lucy would have another female to talk to, which was a good idea.  

I really wanted to add more pictures . . . but the internet keeps freezing. Grammy I hope this was a good enough movie review, and thanks again for taking me! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

luke 6:35

“But love your enemies, do well to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked." Luke 6:35

You’re probably thinking; “I don’t have any enemies, so this verse doesn’t apply to me, right?”  *beep* Wrong.

Let’s just put it this way: “But love your siblings, do well to them,” Alright? You all might not have siblings . . . so replace friends or neighbors with enemies.

Look at this part, “Lend to them without expecting to get anything back.” Would you let your little sister take a few pictures with your camera [if you have one, I’m just using this as an example]?  I’m not saying give a three-year-old a $300 dollar camera and let her go outside with it.  I have an eleven year old sister . . . and I don’t often let her use my camera if she asks.

 This verse is saying lend it to her, and expect not to get a reward back or even your camera back. I do believe we should be good steward of our things [which our God’s, just like our body is God’s] and not waste, but at the same time realize when we meet Jesus in the sky [or die, oops, I’m rhyming!], we aren’t going to take our cameras or any earthly thing with us! God will bless us in Heaven more if we give and are generous on earth. ;) 

Love everyone, be generous. God will give you far greater blessings than a camera when you die and go to Him in Heaven. 

                   ++                  ++++++++++++++++++++++

I'm using this article for a Christian Girl's magazine [it's free!] called Forever. You can visit the blog here and subscribe if you want! 


[I'll try to post some pictures of house - church soon. Don't forget to enter my giveaway]

Saturday, January 22, 2011

snowy days

What do we do . . .

When it looks like this outside?

We play around with editing pictures.

We crank up music really loud . . . 

and dance around like crazy people.

We bang on the piano.

Line up and take pictures of each other.

[and ourselves]

In some pictures we look like criminals.

In others we look like science teachers. 

Or Julie Andrews. 

Then we go sledding.  [which is what I am about to do] 

Friday, January 21, 2011


It's cold outside.  Here are some pictures to prove it from when we spend the weekend with my grandparents. [My grandma gave me her old camera! YAY! If you're reading this, thanks Gran-Pat!]

The mini barn in my grandparent's yard. 

bits of leftover snow and the majestic mountains of Irvine Kentucky. isn't God amazing? 

I [heart] red barns. 

   old fashioned plows are nice too.

Creeks are so fun to play in. In the winter not really though, you'd freeze.

One advantage to winter creeks though::they're lovely for photos.

*sighs* God's creation is marvelous. Seriously. How do people believe there was just a bang and after millions of years our world came like it is now? I don't know. God is amazing though. ;)

There are so many giveaways goin' on lately -- I'm entering lots. Maybe I'll win something. Hopefully. :-) Here's a giveaway you might find exciting: {{click here}} Saying I sent you over would be exciting too. I get more entries if you just mention I sent you over there. [hint: the giveaway has to do something with the fruit of the spirit]

I must be signing off now friends! Which picture is you favorite? 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

old pictures

It's nice to go through and look back at times, right? Memories . . .

Henry a year or so ago. Goodness! He's not a baby anymore. 

This is more like it. *winks* Even this was in the spring.

Here's Heidi, Anna, Max, and I Christmas 2008.

My cousin Kylea is getting married! This isn't an old picture, but I thought I should tell. She was engaged a while ago so it's not new news though. Also my Aunt Kim is having another baby! *yay!* 

Do you have any siblings? Any old pictures? Get them out and take a look! ;) 

Oh, and Lucia is giving away many things . . . take a peak.

I got some pictures of the frozen creek at my grandparents', but that will be in another post! 

Also, please enter my giveaway! I expected more to enter . . . there is a book as one of the prizes, so seriously, click on the button on my sidebar to enter! 

I need to crash in bed now, :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

let it snow

One thing my blog has been lacking lately -- is pictures. Mostly because Mom's camera hasn't been working, and I haven't been able to load my photos from my computer either.  Everytime I try it freezes . . . but anyways, I'm using Mom's little computer and here are some pictures I took with my camera:

Mr. Cutie [Nehemiah] when I took him for a walk. Hey, it's freezing outside, what did you expect? 

About half-way through our walk, I stopped pushing the stroller to see how Mr. Cutie was doing . .. this is what I saw. 

Some of the white snow, isn't it beautiful? It hurts your eyes to look at. 

Our long snowy drive-way

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I like to get this shot. Just lay on the ground and snap. Click, I mean. 

Some geese flying -- ack. Excuse the quality of that picture. My camera is probably worth $40, not $200 like most of yours. Or Mom's. 

Petra eating snow. She loves snow. 

A barn across the road, that's all the "snowy" pictures. 

The huge Voyage of The Dawn Treader poster in my room, Dad and Mom went to the movie theater to ask how much tickets were, and Dad asked about the movie poster. The lady at the desk said we could have it for free. Speaking of the Dawn Treader, I'd like [so] much to see that movie. I suppose I can wait a bit though.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway too! 


We're going to our grandparents this weekend, so I won't be posting for a few days. 

Until them,