Saturday, December 31, 2011

to my best friend

Jesus, please fill me with your love this year. Help me to be on fire for you. Help me to live for you, and for others -- not for myself.

I'm really small compared to you. You're strong enough to fill me with your love, while I'm not. I'm nothing without you. Jesus, I want you to take over my life this year, and for the rest of my life.

Fill me with you this year. Pick me up when I'm weak, break me down when I'm filled with pride. Fill me with your love this year. I know I'm only taking about this year right now and that's because my mind can't think about all the years to come. I have to focus on the moment. So please, walk with me through this year.

Jesus, you'll always stay by my side. You'll always be there for me, you'll always try to help me keep going. I really don't understand that and I don't think I ever will. But that's okay, because it doesn't change anything.

You're beautiful, Jesus. You make everything glorious. I love you for that, and you love me too, but not because I loved you first. I didn't even care about you at first. But you still loved me. You're beautiful, Jesus. Satisfy me this year as I strive to walk with you.

"You're more than all this world can give. You're beautiful, Your love is all I need to live. You're beautiful, You're more than all this world can give. Satisfy me Lord, I'm begging You, help me to see, You'll all I want, You'll all I need. Satisfy me, Lord." TENTH AVENUE NORTH - Satisfy 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

thoughts on 2012

"Oh, last month we were in Florida." "We moved two months ago. We haven't been on the farm that long at all." "We went to North Carolina last week." "We had kittens like, what, three months ago?" "Dad was sick and in the hospital about two months ago." "We saw Tenth Avenue North in concert last week."

Kendra. Um, we moved five months ago. And we saw Tenth Avenue North in concert four months ago.

                           Woah. Wait a second. Where has time gone? This year has simply flown by. 

I'm not going to allow 2012 to go by as fast. All right, I'll admit it -- winter can fly by if it wishes. But spring? No. I shall not allow it to go by as fast. And summer? No, summer shall not be allowed to ever end at all. 

But, in honor of 2012, I'm going to write down my resolutions for this year. For 2011, some of mine were working on running, working on math, being nicer to siblings, reading a ton, and reading the whole Bible in one year. I'm proud to say I've done all of those things this year. But, I couldn't do them without God's help, especially the Bible reading part and the being nicer to siblings part. Took lots of praying and time, folks. 

                                                               that's my list. what's yours? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas memories -- beware long post

I love sitting around the living room with my family as I watch them open gifts. Seeing the surprised delight on their faces makes me smile too. Sometimes I wish I had a better camera to capture their reactions, but I'm happy with what God's given me.

I felt even more blessed this Christmas season, perhaps it is because last year we were over in Egypt, without extended family. Really, has it been a whole year since we were overseas? It seems impossible.

Yes, she looks unhappy -- but believe me, it was because the present was wrapped much too good, making it hard to open. 


How was your Christmas? 

listening to -- you're here -- francesca battistelli 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

go tell it on the mountain

During all the excitement while spending time with family, opening gifts, and singing carols let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Jesus was born over 2 thousand years ago, and He is still with us now. Have a very merry Christmas as you celebrate His coming! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry Christmas from the green land of Kentucky

Merry Christmas, fellow friends! We are having a lovely Christmas enjoying the snow, the runny noses, the coughs, the freezing sleet, and hot chocolate.

Uhh. Just kiddin'. It's over fifty degrees here, we haven't had any snow, the grass is green, and I'm wearing a t-shirt. I'm afraid it's not going to be a white Christmas here and we seldom have a white Christmas anyhow. 

I'm quite happy with the warm weather, even if it doesn't really feel that Christmas-y. Blah, who wants runny noses and snow tracked through the house anyways? Not me! 

In all, I'm thankful the sun is shining over the grassy hills and that I was able to run outside without freezing to death (gahhh, I greatly dislike treadmills). 

are you having a white Christmas, or a brown *cough* green one? 

Friday, December 23, 2011


Lately I've been trying to be more thankful. Sitting back and writing a post on all the things I have helps me more than I realize. During this Christmas season we can get caught up in what we want and what we need that we forget how much we already do have. Why, wasn't it just a month ago we were so thankful? What has happened now?

0.01 // I'm thankful for my friends. God has put so many fun, amazing people in my life.

0.02 // Family. This week we went to our grandparents' house and we celebrated Christmas early. My cousins from Florida all came up, we had a blast. I got to use my aunt's Canon. More pictures coming soon!

0.03 // Books. I've been reading sooo much. I seriously need to update my book page. It's bad how many books I read.

I got two new books for Christmas, and I'm excited to read them. I've also borrowed about 20 books from the library so I have to read them first. Anybody read any good books recently?

0.04 // Music. If I didn't have music I would die. Okay, maybe not die, but whoever came up with the idea to invent music was extremely smart. Right now I'm into Newsboys and TobyMac. Of course I'll never ever abandon good ol' Tenth Avenue North.

0.05 // Animals. Our calf is getting way too big. He's already being separated from his mom. Goodness, wasn't it just yesterday he was born? I named him Chestnut, since we live on Chestnut Grove. We always name our cows after cities. Samuel and I each had a calf last year, mine was named Frankfurt and his Buckner. Cities names make good cow names.

See? Chestnut is getting much too big.

0.06 - God. I'm still getting over the fact how He could care about us, much less even love us and want to be my friend. I guess I won't ever understand how He could love us so much.

That about sums everything up. I feel so thankful right now, thankful for a warm room, a computer to type on, a working brain and healthy body. A Christmas tree to look at, a nice couch to sit on, glasses to read with, Christmas cards to enjoy, a family to laugh with. I am so blessed.

postscript - did I mention my friends are kinda weird too?