Friday, December 3, 2010

The Playground . . .

Who needs a 'playground' when you have seven siblings and dirt? 

See Mr. Sad-face? He isn't "allowed" to play, he might mess up the hard work. 

I didn't get anyone's face in this one, did I not? I think everybody was too intent on their creations to worry about getting a picture taken. 

Wow. He's cute even when he's grumpy. Well, sometimes he isn't cute. Do you have a younger baby brother or sister that isn't always cute? I do. I think I already told you that though. Like just in the past couple of sentences. *sigh*

The other night there was a great sunset. Isn't God just amazing and awesome or what? This picture doesn't really explain the beauty though . . . ever had something you took a picture of, and it didn't turn out as nice as it was in real life? Do tell in a comment! :)

Also some of you have been wondering about my health. We now think (and have good reason to think so) that it hasn't been worms that were causing pain all along. I did have worms in my stomach (gross!) but you can have worms in your body for years and not know it. Uh huh. The worms are gone. That medicine had to kill them. But the pain isn't gone, so we know it's something else. What is this ''something else''? We don't know. God does. Prayers would be wonderful. Thanks. :D 
Have a great day! 



  1. Your siblings looked hard at work! Your little brother is adorable! I totally know what you mean though! I have a sister all my friends think is cute...and she is just not all the time! I know what you mean with the pictures! I feel like any picture of sunsets I take don't turn out like they looked! I was thinking the same thing the other day about pictures I took of a snowy world. I am praying for you! Jeremiah 29:11

  2. Oh the "playground" looks like fun! (My dad doesn't like us to dig up the yard)
    Thanks for the comment! You were my first commenter!I tried to follow you but it kept saying that it was my mom trying to follow you. Somehow the accounts are mixed up I guess. The same thing happened on Anna's blog.
    Well Amy wants the computer now,
    Gotta go!

  3. Dear Kendra,

    In a few minutes, I am going to be following your blog!!! :) But just wanted to pop in and say I LOVE ur blog, it is sooo awesome that you live in Egypt and are a missionary kid, beucz I've always wanted to be one, and your little bro is ADORABLE! :D Digging in the dirt looks like fun! Ever played in thick, sticky mud! Oh wow, good times, good times! Must run!


  4. Wow! My brothers would love to have a place like that to play! Your little brother reminds me so much of my baby brother John. :D Sad face and all!

    Abby :D

  5. I'm having a great time using blogger but I'm having some troubles and thought that since you've used it so much maybe you could help:
    How do you become friends with somebody? I've figured out how to follow somebody but the only friend I have is Anna and I have no idea what I clicked on to make her my friend!

  6. Hi Kendra!

    I am Mrs LeCompte, from Louisville. I just wanted you to know that I really like your blog! You are a wonderful photographer and writer. I love the pictures of your home and family. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I will be praying that you are feeling better soon.

    Love, Mrs Bonnie


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