Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yesterday we went for a walk, and we had a picnic! I took tons of pictures, but the internet has been really slow lately, and Dad thinks uploading pictures to the internet might use out limited internet up.  So I can only upload three pictures a week.  :( Do any of you all have experience with this kind of stuff, and would leave a comment telling me if downloading or uploading images takes up internet gigabites? (Or whatever they're called!) 

Anyhow, we drove down the road to the little "wood" spot, and had a picnic.  The wood spot is like the only place in Egypt with trees. (almost) Then we walked along the lake, as you can see in the above picture. 

I had to post this picture, even if I can only post three. This guy is just too cute. Siblings are such a blessing, right? I'm glad I have seven! :)

This is one of the lake. I wanted to post another photo, but Samuel thought I should do this one so I did. I was like lying on my face. Thank goodness nobody saw me. *whew*

By the way, Mrs. Marlow is going to give me a book to giveaway to my readers! And I have three others that will sponsor a photo from their shop. If you'd like to give something just comment. 

I'm going to be doing that book review next, so be looking for it! (The book is the one that Mrs. Marlow is giving to me!) 

I have a bunch of emails to respond to. (ugh!)  Then I'm going to read some more. *grin* I've read  a lot over the past few days. 
Well, I'd better go! 


  1. Lovely photos!! The weather looks wonderful up there (the last two pics were my favorite. ;)

    Did you make your signature - because I love it. ;)

  2. Do you know how to shrink photos before you upload them? That makes the file size much smaller, so it would be faster to upload and wouldn't use as much of your free gigabites (or whatever). Here's how: Open the photo in PAINT. Then go to image>resize. Then put in two equal percentages. Maybe 50 or maybe 20 or whatever works to make it shrink way down. Then save a copy (cause you don't want to loose your large original file of the photo). You can check on the size of photos by right clicking on the photo and choosing 'properties.' A shot from the camera may be 2-3 MB, but you can save a smaller one and it may be only 50 or 100 kb (which is MUCH smaller). Did any of that make sense? Try it! :)
    love from sudan, suzanne

  3. It also helps to take it on a lower setting. Basically, look through all the settings on your camera until you find "8 mg" or whatever and put it lower. :D I might be able to whip up a pair of earrings if you still need anything. :) Thanks, Andrea.

  4. Bethany, Lucia from "Under this Umbrella" made that signature for me! You can visit her here

    Thank you Mrs. Wincel (is that how you spell your last name?) and Andrea! Resizing helps a lot. :)


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