Wednesday, December 29, 2010


i bet that title caught your eye. That is, if you are one of my ninety-seven followers [or just a shy person who likes to visit].

You see, Dad feels as if he's done too much. Moving to a different country as missionaries a few years ago wasn't a big deal. Now it is [well we're working with Christian Egyptians. Or trying to.] Okay, I'm not making much since. Here is how my Dad explains it:

The year was 1993 and my Athletes In Action teammates were laughing at
me.  We were playing basketball and sharing the gospel in New Zealand,
but that day we were visiting a Cadbury chocolate factory.  I had
promised the guys that I would eat no less than 15 candy bars by the
time I left the factory.  I walked away from the factory with a
stomach ache and maybe 8 wrappers in my pocket.  Such has been the
story of the life of [Not telling for just to be safe] ..... always biting off more than I
can chew.

Now I have done it again by moving our family to Egypt.... and it's
time to come home.  Yes, Kendra's sickness is a factor, but she has
begun to feel better.  Mainly it comes down to the fact that I already
have an online ministry with regular visits to the Middle East.  I
should not have tried to add another ministry along with the demands
of living cross-culturally with a large family.  We need the support
and community that Louisville, Kentucky affords.  I wish I would have wrestled
with this decision before we moved here as much as we have wrestled
with it over the past couple of months.  I wish I would have prayed as
earnestly then as I have now.  This has been the most difficult
decision of my life.

[Mom] embraced our life here and has been joyful and supportive
through all of this.  We both agree.... it's best if we settle back
home at least until our children are grown.  She will continue to
teach and love our children at home, wherever that will be in Greater
Louisville.  If any of you know of a home for rent, we are open to all
options right now.

I will need to find healthy outlets from staring at the computer
screen for hours each day.  Lord willing, I will be able to continue
my online ministry accompanied with regular, face to face visits to
the Middle East.  If I can be in the Middle East for 3 months out of
the year, I believe that a lot of focused ministry can take place, if
God wills.  While I am away, ______ [Mom] will be near to family and friends.
 Who knows.... maybe after 10-15 years of raising our children well,
the Lord  will open a door for [Mom] and I to return to
this region.
We look forward to seeing many of you when we return to the 'ville.  :-)

I just wanted to let you online friends that keep up with me that I'm not going to be a missionary's daughter anymore. I'm sure most of you guys will stop commenting, and reading my blog. But that's okay.  I think I might even stop blogging, because I'll be close to all the people that read this blog anyways.

But I do have many people that read this, and I don't want to stop this blog if you don't want me to, so leave a note please if you think I should stop. I might set up a poll too . . . 

So, if you still want me to keep blogging, I'll probably just post regular stuff, we're going back to the farm. I'll also keep this like a journal so later I can look back on it. If I stop blogging. I won't delete the blog though. *winks* And I'll write snail mail letters again! 

Another post coming soon,



  1. Wow, Kendra! Big news!

    I'll still read your blog...:)


  2. Hi Kndra! I'm glad you are going abck. :D my keyboard is sticking. UGH. I think you should definitly KEEP the blog!!

  3. {don't you dare stop blogging - you are a very inspiring young lady} ;) I'll still read it. :D

    I'm proud of your whole family - going to Eygpt and giving up so much!!

    I'll be praying for a safe trip home for ya'll!



  4. Nooo you CANNOT stop blogging I love your blog! And I can't believe your moving home! Are you excited? I wish I lived near you so we could meet couse your like one of my best bloggy friends! (to me anyway maybe I'm not to you) Hope

  5. No, no, NO, dear Kendra! Don't stop your blog! That is BIG news! Do you think you will ever return to the mission field?
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend!

  6. Wow, big news!!! And no, you should totally not stop blogging. ;)

    In Christ,

  7. See? You have all these people saying you shouldn't stop, so PLEASE don't stop!

  8. God bless your dad for his honesty,we were praying for your healing and that you would come home,please don't stop blogging as I live far away from you in Scotland and I do enjoy your blog.
    God be with you all,I hope you find a house soon,I am glad you are going home.

  9. 'Tis my experience in blog reading that the everyday things are the most fun to read about. We'd still love to read about your life, so DON'T GIVE UP YOUR BLOG! You know, there are LOTS of people who AREN'T missionaries who blog.. =P *wink*

  10. I'm with everyone else! DON'T give it up! I read your blog a lot, and I'll try to comment more. I know how encouraging comments can be. Have a safe trip!

    Because He Lives,

  11. Don't stop! I love your blog!

    Abby :D

  12. Kendra,

    I will still read your blog. And I want you to keep it open.


  13. You'll never stop being a missionary's daughter. Your dad's still a missionary, just as every Christian is. ;)

    Anyway, principle-theology aside, I do hope you'll keep blogging! I've enjoyed reading your posts, even if I don't comment much. :))

  14. KENDRA!!! Are you kidding!?

    Stop blogging??!!!! Keep blogging!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow! Thank you so much for filling us in! Like many others, I love your blog and would love for you to keep writing. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your posts... and would really miss you if you left! :)

    -- Taylor

  16. Don't stop blogging !

    Do you know how many people you are inspiring and witnessing to each time you write a post !?

    Having a blog is a great ministry . With a blog you get to share the news of Christ to many , many , people !


    Love ya ! Sarah

  17. kendra, we live in england (our home country) and we're still missionaries! just because u live in your home country doesn't mean u can't stop telling people about jesus and being a missionary. Dad has told more people about jesus here than he did in africa! u continue blogging! god bless, jess

  18. Wow! I finally read your post!
    I'll try and read your blog now! I love the design!

    I hope you can contine being missionaries where you live now!

    Love ~*Chantelle*~


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