Thursday, December 30, 2010

good & bad list

Excuse that horrible title. I couldn't think of anything else.

What I want to say [before I go on with my 'list' thing] is Thank-you. Wow, my friends. I got 15 comments and my sister and Mom telling me, "No! Don't stop blogging!".  You know what? I will still keep this blog open. Not because of your comments though, or anybody's. I thought and prayed about it last night, and I will still keep the blog goin'.  I won't post as much though, since I do want to spend my time on better things.

Oh, and I want to make something clear. When I said I might stop the blog, I did not say that because all I think blogging is about having followers, and comments, and that I wouldn't be as "popular" because I wasn't living in a different country sharing pictures. Most of the reason I wanted to stop was because my Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, my parent's friends, and my friends won't need to know how we're doing and want pictures of Egypt. I did the blog so I wouldn't have to keep emailing tons of people about how we're doing, I can just write it here.

Understand? All those people won't need to know how we're doing. [my parents would give their friends my link so they could see pictures, by the way] We'll be back home in the US.

Hopefully I made that clear . . . .


You are wondering what the title is about, right? O.K. I was going to list the good & bad things about being a missionary kid [in Egypt, for me at least].

'Bad' list:

  • You miss all your friends and family
  • There aren't chocolate chips *tears*
  • There isn't much green grass
  • You get sick a lot [truth]
  • You get sick of people yelling "What is your name?" because that's the only thing they know how to say in English
  • The internet and electricity is bad
  • People lie and say they'll do something, just to please you but they never do it
  • There aren't any traffic lights or signs, people drive wherever they please
'Good' list:

  • You get to bring people to Christ [not in our case, we've been too busy trying to get other things done, which is partly why we're going back. See below post for more info]
  • Arabs have the most tastiest foul beans; SO yummy!
  • The people are very nice and generous
  • You get off on school when others don't. *grin*
  • It's fun riding on planes
  • There is good weather almost year round! 
  • You have interesting things to blog about *wink*
I can't think of anything else now . . . later maybe. Sorry for this long post, but I made it long since we're leaving tomorrow for America and I won't post for awhile.  I think I'll do a scheduled post for New Year's.

You know what would be really cool? If I when I go to check blogger after we've moved and settled I had 100 followers and a ton of comments. *hint, hint* 

It's not a big deal though. I was just mentioning it. [HAHA!] Alright, alright, I need to stop. This post is long enough.

When I update again, guess where I'll probably be? In the snowy land of Kentucky.... 

I might like it for a bit, but we'll see! I do like the weather here in Egypt. One of the things I'll miss, thought I won't miss much since I've been in bed for almost the entire time! 

Some surprises are coming when I get back . . . a new blog design since I'm not going to be in Egypt anymore, and a giveaway. Thanks a ton to Andrea, Mrs. Marlow, Kaela, Olivia, and Hannah P. [Not Pevensie, Hannah Ours] for agreeing to sponsor my giveaway with prizes! 
So long, farewell! [The hills are alive with the sound of music!] 


Your sister in Christ,



  1. I'll be praying that your health gets better soon, Kendra!
    And I'd love to see pictures of your home. :)

    in Christ,

  2. My Photo Challenge has begun! Check it out~

  3. Wow you have tons of followers, almost 100! :) I'll spread the word so you can have like TONS of followers when you get home to Kentucky! :)


  4. Yay!! I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging. ;) I'll be looking forward to reading your next post... from Kentucky!

    -- Taylor

  5. You could turn your blog into a devotional blog, sharing what God is teaching you. I'll still read your blog~ after all, I just found you and am really quite impressed with your heart for the things of God!

  6. Hahahaha! I did get pretty scared when I saw that "Hannah P" =P You know, I'm really missing our "daily chat" :( RAL please try to write me back soon! =P RAL Now, I'm just laughing. My handwriting is worse than I thought... *sheepish grin* Oh well. I guess I should work on my handwriting... =P ... How is everything going? I suppose you will arrive later tonight. Does this count as a long comment? =P RAL Oh no! I just realized something! I need a new blog design and I won't have you to tell that everything is wrong! =P ;) welll this is a long enough comment...

  7. Kendra,

    We are so excited that you and your family are coming back to the U.S. I know God will use your family as much here as HE did in Egypt. I am very thankful you have decided to keep the blog. I find your blog such a Blessing to my family and I. It is great encouragement to read about what is going on in your family as you lead people to our MIGHTY KING and SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS!!!! Thank you for organizing time in your schedule to write about yourself and your family. Telling your life as you live it is a wonderful way to give people, who do not understand a walk with CHRIST JESUS, the opportunity to choose a different lifestyle for themselves!
    To GOD, CHRIST JESUS be the Glory and Honor forever!

    Mrs. Lynn Miller

  8. Hi Kendra!
    I just found your blog through Iona's blog, and I'm following now :) It's really interesting to read about a missionary kid in Egypt - it sounds very different than being an MK in Ireland!


  9. Hi, I just found your blog! That's so cool you went to Egypt! Hannah


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