Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dust Storm

To start off, I want to say sorry for not posting for . . . wait it's only been like three days. 

There. I crossed that out, but I didn't press backspace. Crossing out looks nicer....[?]

ANYWAYS,  a week or so ago we had a dust-storm. The above picture ^^^^^ is how it looked.  Well not exactly.  It looked way "oranger".  Somehow the camera didn't capture it correct. But that's how cameras are. 

This post is a short post, only with two pictures, because I have math to do.  Samuel is on lesson 117 in his math (he's a level behind), but since I've been sick I'm on lesson 31 in mine. (AND he's been doing like 100 lessons a day....well four lessons a day.) He'll be in my book before I know it, he has three lessons to finish before going into mine. And Samuel says he's going to 'beat' me.  Hmm, wonder what that means. I shalln't wait to find out. I'm going to do more math right after this last picture of the dust storm . . .  

That's of our yard. 

Time for math,


PS: How is everybody's Christmas time going? It still doesn't seem like Christmas here but I'm still glad Jesus came down to die for us! 


  1. Wow....those are really cool pictures! I can't believe how 'orange' it looks......

    And ew, good luck with math. :p

  2. I wish I could have seen that sand storm like you said you cant capture the whole effect on camera! God bless you Kendra and I hope you have a wonderful CHRISTmas!!!

    Your blogger friend, Hope

  3. Ack - poor you...I only got stuck in a dust storm once - and then it poured rain afterwards. Our twelve passenger van got stuck in the dirt driveway... ;) The pictures are sawesome (so-awesome - ya know...)

    Good luck with math - I'd die if I did four lessons. One is hard enough. ;)


  4. My Photo Challenge has begun! Check it out...


  5. This is just a test! like this

  6. Nice photos! Can people go outside during a dust-storm, or does everyone stay in their houses? :)

  7. I thought it was funny when you wrote, "Samuel says he's going to 'beat' me. Hmm, wonder what that means. I shalln't wait to find out."

  8. Merry Christmas, Kendra! Even if you don't have snow, it's still a special time of yeara. :-) Just think of those poor Australians who have barbecues on Christmas Day! :-p

  9. I'm a follower now :D i really like your blog it's really awesome that you live in Egypt! Hows it like there?


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