Sunday, December 26, 2010


Note: If you are following me, and this is in your dashboard, you will probably want to see this post

Followers 94 Followers

Today I logged into blogger and found that I *cough* have 94 followers. Wow people, wow.  That's almost 100 humans who have my blog posts coming up in their email, or in their blogspot dashboard.  I had no idea when I started a blog about a year ago I'd have this many people interested in my life.  I hope that Jesus, my role model shines through me, and when you read here on my blog I honor Him. I started a blog mostly because I thought it would be cool [which it is] and so my family in the US can see pictures and news about what we've been up to.

You see, most of you "followers" I don't know. Some of you are friends from Sudan, some of you I "met" online, but I  don't know the others. So, I want to say thanks, and one more thing [the whole point of this post]:

I have been sick. For a long time.  Like four months. So I've been reading, blogging, and reading blogs a lot. Now, which I'm getting better, I won't have 15-40 minutes a day to read other's blogs.  I'm going to be "unfollowing" a ton of you. Now some people make a huge deal if they loose a follower, post a post about how mean people are, get so sad, and bla bla. I don't want any of you to think you are a bad blogger. Blogging is NOT about what others think. Blogging is NOT about having 240506568 followers, or friends. Blogging is about  serving Jesus, and doing what He wants you to do, honoring Him. Well, unless you aren't a Christian. But I won't go into that right now.

Don't cry if you have one less "follower" on your blog tomorrow. *winks* I'm not sure if any of you would cry but yeah.

I gotta go 'unfollow' some blogs! :P A better post with pictures coming soon, grandparents. Hope ya'll had a great Christmas!



  1. Glad your Feeling better! I totally understand!

  2. Congratulations on so many followers, Kendra. :) I totally understand your reasons for "un-following" some blogs though. Don't worry... we won't cry! ;D I'm just thankful you're finally feeling better. Four months is a loooong time to be sick. So praise the Lord for that!

    I hope you have a blessed day!

    -- Taylor

  3. Happy you are feeling better Kendra!

    It's okay. I actually noticed I had one less follower, didn't know who it was, and then read this post. HAHA!

    Anyway, I totally understand.

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Four months? Ack - poor you!! *hugs* And I thought one week was bad enough...

    Congrats on 94!! I love your blog and enjoy all your lovely posts. ;)You are truly a inspiring, godly young lady. :D

  5. You have a good and different thought about blog. I enjoy and love your blog. I am not crying.
    I am enjoying.


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