Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Great Blogs!

Howdy there!  Wow, I just got ten followers! Thanks guys! 

Anyways, here are two girls new to blogging, and really like for ya'll to go over and visit them! There IS a button on their blog that says 'follow'. *hint, hint*

Blog #1: Daughter of the Righteous King (by Erin Elisabeth)
Blog #2: One of Ten . . . and Loving It! (by Hannah Ours)

I usually don't 'advertise' but these girls have been really nice to me, and made me laugh when I'm feeling down. Thanks! 

One picture for your enjoyment: 

That's Petra and I doing a photoshoot for Mrs. Marlow. 

I really should go to bed! 
In Christ,



  1. Petra is such a pretty name! Congrats on the followers!!!!


  2. Thanks, Lynne! ~Rachelle

    {{Gigglesnort}} The word verification is "bableda". THAT IS SO FUN TO SAY!!!!

  3. I'll check out the blogs :)

  4. You should tell them WHAT the photo shoot was for, Kendra! *hint hint*
    And can you put a link up or send me the blog address for the "Further Adventures" blog. I don't know how to get there otherwise.
    And it's a mystery why you can't comment on my blog. I don't have any kind of moderation or no SPAM things either. *grrrr*

  5. That is fun to say Racherz! bableda bableda bableda bableda...
    HA! mine is "squefix"
    Thanks for sharing my blog Lynne! =D ~Grace *cough* P.


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