Monday, November 22, 2010


Samuel and Nehemiah. That's Mr. Semer in the background. He helps us with work around the house.

Petra bossing the chickens around. I think she was trying to tell them to stay on the wall and not fly on her head. (One of them did that before. Not very delighting for Petra.) 

A happy girl. :D Petra is a great little model for me to practice my photography skills on.

She also . . . *cough* likes to climb on my bookshelf. I think she was trying to sneak my gum or something. 

Anna loves to take pictures of herself. Wahahahaha! 

I think she meant to take this of her face. Sorry Anna, this was just too funny not to post! 

This is the "Living Room House" Where Dad, Mom, Max, and Nehemiah sleep.

This is Max's and Nehemiah's room. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! 

In Christ's Love,



  1. Sweet! Thanks for posting, Kendra! =D

  2. Thanks for sharing. Are you feeling better now?

  3. Cool pictures! Hope you're feeling better!


  4. Nice to see pictures of your house! It's very Arabic but then I suppose it would be seeing as it is in Egypt. ;)


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