Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm still here!

Wow. It's been a while since I last posted. *sheepish grin* 

Okay, so first off my surgery thing went well. They found worms in my stomach. Yes, gross but I'm taking medicine and on my way to getting better! 

Want to hear something funny?  So I had this I.V. thing, and one minute this nice man is talking to me and the next second everything goes blank. Mom said that when the surgery was over I was saying really weird things and I was crying! Ha-ha!

So she came in and said everything was going to be alright (I was knocked out) and I reached up for her face saying, "Mom? Mom? I love you! I love you Mom!"

Then we went on this TINY elevator and I was still crying, and I cried out, "I love you Jesus!"
The people on the elevator knew for some reason what I was talking about, and they all started laughing! Mom said I was saying other weird things too. I don't remember ANY of this, just some blurry faces looking over me, and hearing Mom's voice. I don't remember crying either. I guess you can do some really weird stuff when you're that groggy! 

Also the 'shift' key doesn't work very well (the top broke off so I'm just using this stub thing). AND the internet is still really slow. So some people's blogs won't load. :-/ Sorry about that, and about not blogging for so long, and for the lame posts. Honestly guys, do you think my posts are lame? Just tell me if you think so. But not any really mean comments please! ;)

Ah, I do miss the greenness of the US. Living in Egypt as a missionary kid is nice, but there are some disadvantages. (like being able to go for a walk without people staring at you, and being able to buy something without getting cheated) 


I know God has us here for a purpose, but it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything but sleeping and resting. 

But you know what? Soon I'm going to get better! Being sick for over two months is not fun, though I'm going to get better! Praise the LORD! 

In Christ,



  1. Whoo! I'm soo glad you'll be getting better Kendra! =D


  2. Ooh... that sounds bad. :P Worms are definitely not one of the things you want in your stomach.

    I like your posts. It's fun hearing about the things you do in Egypt. :D

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Abby :D

  3. I hope you feel better soon!
    And NO WAY do I think your posts are lame! I mean your like the first blog I check!
    By the way I love my design and after thanksgiving I will want you to make me a CHRISTmas one, if you will. Because I love my thanksgiving one. Thanks for letting me babble!
    Talk to you soon, Hope

  4. Neat blog! Your photography is good! I am also a photographer, getting into weddings!
    Hey there is a giveaway at my blog Open Book reviews!

  5. I'm sorry Kendra, I didn't realize you were from Egypt! My mother says it would probably be pretty pricey to have a book shipped that far. So sorry to disappoint you!

  6. Kendra, I'm an old friend of your parents, from their college days. Your blog is just so cool. PLEASE keep writing, when you can. I'm so glad the doctors finally found a way to treat you. You and your family remain in my prayers.

    In Christ,
    David B. Ritchey

  7. Kendra, Kendra,
    what do you mean you think your posts are lame? This is a wonderful blog. I remember when you first started it and I was your only follower! My, my, my how that has changed. Way to go, girl!

    I had surgery when I was about 11 and guess what? I had an IV too and I woke up in a dark room crying too and I don't remember WHY! It was creepy. And kept bleeding and bleeding all night long and I got to stay up and read comic books all night and my mom was worried and wow . . . your post brought those memories all back to me!

    So . . . where's your "other andi" blog these days? LOL

  8. Kendra,
    Thanks for the tips. They really help.
    I follow your blog now,

  9. I hope you feel better soon! :) Great positive attidtude! Beautiful photo! :)


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