Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall Actions of Thoughtfulness

Fall Actions of Thoughtfulness

Buttercup over @Soaring on Wings like Eagles is hosting a challenge. Go HERE for explanation. 

So, for my "Fall Actions of Thoughtfulness", I'm going to write a note to everybody in my family (yep, ten note-cards, maybe nine, the baby would just tear it.)

Hopefully my Mom and sister Anna won't see this. I'd better go and get working on those cards! ;)
In Christ,


PS: A few of my friends and I are writing some stories. I made a blog to go along with it, so stop by for a little visit! :D

Narnian Adventuresl


  1. Thanks for taking the challenge, Kendra! Great idea, btw! -Buttercup

  2. Kendra,

    Thank you for your posts. i am very Blessed by your posts. How are you feeling? Please tell your family i am very thankful to the LORD for the work that you all do in Egypt.

    Blessings--Mrs. Miller


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