Friday, November 19, 2010


What do you think of when you hear the word, 'Egypt'? Big ancient pyramids, and mummies? Although we live in Alexandria, no, we don't have mummies buried in our yard.  Okay, maybe that was a little to far fetched. You probably know we don't live in pyramids or have mummies in our backyard. Or hopefully you don't think that.  

Well, no matter what you think, here are some pictures of Alexandria. (not the famous pictures that you see all the time of the pyramids)

We don't live in the city, but when we do go into the city, this is how it looks like.

The beach looks a lot like any other beach . . . just take out the weird umbrella thing and there you have it.

This is kind of how it looks when you're not all the way in the city, but not out in the country. That's a Muslim mosque by the way.

I hope you now of a good idea of how Egypt looks like now! ;)


Also, thanks guys for all the nice comments! I used to be so happy when I got one comment. A few of you had some questions on my last post. Here are the answers. 

Shelley asked when it got cold and snowed here in Egypt. Well, it doesn't snow at all here, but from what I've heard rain and a little cold front are coming soon!  

Jessica Rebekah asked if that picture was of me standing on the wall. Yes, it was. I was feeling well that day and Anna got a few pictures of me. I have one of me almost falling off the wall. It's cool but I don't know if some people would like a picture of me about to fall off a huge wall. (like Grandparents)

Rae B. asked what kind of flowers those were. They're habiscus (sp?) flowers I think. Ask my Mom, I don't really memorize the names of flowers. :P 

One more thing before I leave. I won a custom blog design from Vivid Design Studio! God has greatly blessed Hannah with an awesome talent to design! I'm setting up a poll on the sidebar for it, but comments on what kind of design you'd like for me to get would be greatly appreciated! ;) 

That's all for now! Thanks for reading. 



  1. Hey Kendra! :) Cool pictures! Whenever I think of Egypt I think of pyramids and sand, and now I know what it looks like there in the city and stuff. The beach one looks soooo nice!

    Congrats on winning a blog design! For what it should look like... well just something that reflect you and your personality! :) Great post!

  2. Hello Kendra,you have a pretty blog here and nice pictures. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
    Take care.


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