Monday, November 8, 2010

Doctors. . .

So sorry for not posting hardly!  I haven't been feeling well, and there isn't really much to post about. I am going to the hospital to have some sort of surgery, the doctors are going in with a camera to see what's wrong. 

Yeah, I’m a little nervous. . .I’m going to be asleep during the surgery. And I won’t be eating today or tomorrow, and I’ll be drinking this medicine too.

Okay, I know you all are getting very tired of my complaining! (Since I haven't really been getting any comments. :-/) 

So here are some pictures! I had to do old ones, because the internet is too slow to upload them. I just copied the URL. 

Grr! It won't even let me do anymore! 

I've been on Buzz a lot, and my friends Hannah and Lauren have been trying to make me forget about the surgery but making me laugh. . . some of this stuff is SO SO funny!

*note: Grace and Lynne are girls who go to Narnia in another story I'm writing.*

*Edmund walks up to Feloon, kicks his rear, Feloon gets mad, and kills Peter*
Hannah Ours - *thinks why does Feloon kill Peter when Edmund kicked him?*N
Justin Sterzer - Wonders who Feloon is
Kendra L. - *shouts that Feloon is in Erin's story, then yells "HYYA!" and charged with her sword into the biggest wolf*
Justin Sterzer - ** Unsheathes two swords from Erin's side** "So, you think you're the only person with sword skills?" *Twirling the two swords professionally he attacks incoming wolves*
Kendra L. - *gives him a disgusted look and kills even more wolves* (sword fighting is almost like karate)
Hannah Ours - *wishes she had been here before*
Kendra L. - *tells Grace to fight and kills Peter because he's chicken*
Hannah Ours - *kicks Lynne and then starts fighting*
Kendra L. - *then Grace kills Ed....*
Hannah Ours - *Grace doesn't kill Ed but joins him and helps him fight* *kicks Lynne harder*
Kendra L. - *joins Lucy's side and helps Susan collect arrows
Erin Elisabeth - *Feloon kills Peter and Edmund, but Lucy revives them, unfortunately.*

Wait . . . when did I have two swords?!
Kendra L. - *stops fighting because Lucy has joined the other side. One against six! Yikes, but keeps fighting*
Justin Sterzer - Kendra who is Grace?!?!
Kendra L. - Oooh. She's the girl in our new story about Narnia.NOT the one in your story.....yeah. *keeps fighting*
Kendra L. - *stops fighting and asks Peter why they are fighting in the first place*
Justin Sterzer - I was going to say haha!
Kendra L. - *Peter says it was because Lynne kicked him* *Lynne says she's sorry but he punches her...?*
Hannah Ours - *Peter says "sorry? is that all?" *
Kendra L. - *Lynne almost slaps him but says "Will you forgive me?"*
Hannah Ours - *Peter says "I thought you'd get mad again" with an amzed look on his face*
Kendra L. - *Lynne just grins*
Hannah Ours - *All the sudden Lynne was gone and Peter hoped VERY MUCH that she wouldcome abck again some day*
Kendra L. - *Lynne is back at school a month later and sticks her tongue out at the boy sitting across from her, because her called her a weirdo*
Hannah Ours - *and because he also looks very much like Peter*
Kendra L. - *But he's says Narnia isn't real, and she slashes a slat over his head and gets into trouble*
Hannah Ours - RAL *Carrots!*
Kendra L. - (she doesn't have red hair) *Then school finally ends and Lynne is reading a book in the locker room*
Hannah Ours - *looks to see what book she is reading* *Oh Narnia*
Kendra L. - *then Lynne goes into Narnia*
Hannah Ours - *Grace follows*
Kendra L. - *All of a sudden there are wolves and Lynne climbs a tree and helps Grace up*
Hannah Ours - *Grace is the one that climbs, remember?* *One of the wolves tries to climb up the tree*
Kendra L. - *Lynne find a sword in the tree and jumps down on the wolf*
Hannah Ours - *Grace screams!*
Kendra L. - *Lynne ignores her and keeps killing wolves*

Kendra L. - *nods yes and keeps slashing her sword about*
Hannah Ours - *just then Ed and Peter appear*
Kendra L. - *but all the wolves are dead--HA!*
Hannah Ours - *But Grace fainted and Lynne is worn out so Peter and Ed help them stumble home*
Kendra L. - *UGH! Lynne asks Peter to stop helping her then walks off with her head held high, so high that she doesn't see this huge rock and falls on her face!* MWHAHAHA!
Hannah Ours - *RAL!! So Peter helps her up*
Kendra L. - *And Lynne is red in the face*
Hannah Ours - *because when she fell her face hit the rock*
Kendra L. - *cough AND...*
Hannah Ours - *she fell right on top of Edmund*
Kendra L. - *then threw up on him*
Hannah Ours - *and stole his sword*
Kendra L. - *starts running in the woods*
Hannah Ours - *Peter chases her*
Kendra L. - *give me back the sword! (Peter)*
Hannah Ours - *never!*
Kendra L. - *Lynne climbs a tree and falls. Peter laughs**
Hannah Ours - *Lynne blushes*
Kendra L. - *Lynne almost punches him, but asks if he'll forgive her*
Hannah Ours - *He says "you've finally learned to apologize! yes I'll forgive you." 
Kendra L. - *Lynne grins and starts running back to the others
Hannah Ours - *Grace meets her and asks her what they were talking about*
Kendra L. - *she said nothing*
Hannah Ours - *and Grace laughed*N
Lauren Dickie - hahahaNov 6
Hannah Ours - @Lauren you don't want to know everything we have said in bold! BOL SATCL!!! LUTCNov 6
Kendra L. - *sighs of relief*
Lauren Dickie - your right. LOL
Hannah Ours - *RAL say "LOL Peter"* (note: LOL means "lots of love" too. "RAL" means "roll around laughing")
Lauren Dickie - man, you guys have lost ur marbles!
Hannah Ours - No you have!!!! RAL
Kendra L. - *rolls eyes*
Hannah Ours - I was just JK Lauren! ;)
Kendra L. - *kills a coyote*
Hannah Ours - *helps Lynne kill them
Kendra L. - *Grace gets bit and Lynne kills all of the coyotes, then picks Grace up and starts walking towards Cair Paravel*
Hannah Ours - *and they meet up with Peter and Edmund on the way*
Kendra L. - (I knew that's what you were going to say.) *Peter takes Grace from Lynne and they all sit down and rest. Then get up again, Peter holds Grace because Edmund isn't much bigger than Lynne.*
Hannah Ours - *and they find Lucy on the way hse is injured badly
Kendra L. - *Lynne picks her up because she says she isn't tired and Lucy is smaller than Grace.*
Hannah Ours - *yes and they meet Su on the way home*N
Kendra L. - *Susan wonders what's wrong and Ed explains it all*
Hannah Ours - *and then Grace faints again*
Justin Sterzer - <---- Dies laughing...
Hannah Ours - *and Ed has to carry her*
Kendra L. - *haha! And Peter and Lynne have to carry dead Justin...RAL!*
Hannah Ours - *RAL!! yeah and everyone comes to his funeral*
Justin Sterzer - Nobody would want to come to my funeral, sorry thats just how they are.
Hannah Ours - Well us and the Narnia characters are nicer. :D
Kendra L. - Oh really? *Peter and Edmund come to his funeral (But Aslan brings him back to life! Yay! Now we have a feast!*
Hannah Ours - *yay! and everyone dances! and then we have sword fights*
Kendra L. - *And Lynne kills Ed*
Hannah Ours - *and Grace kills Peter and then Grace and Lynne dance while Samuel plays his harmonica*
Kendra L. - *then Aslan bring the boys back to life and Lynne runs away!*
Hannah Ours - *and Grace follows*
Kendra L. - *Ed and Peter follow*
Jessica Rebekah - It sounds like the two of you are making up your own Narnia story....{grin}
Kendra L. - HAHA *Lynne runs faster but falls on her face. Peter asks why in the world she is being so mean*
Hannah Ours - RAL is Jessica *cough cough* invited? *cough cough*

*Lynne replies that she doesn't like boys following her around and carrying her.*
Kendra L. - *Peter nods and says that he wasn't just going to let her sit there*
Hannah Ours - *Lynne rolls her eyes*
Kendra L. - *Peter says "FINE, kicks her, and walks off." Lynne sits on the ground in pain.*
Hannah Ours - *and kicks Peter before he walks off*
Kendra L. - (No) *Peter comes back and asks if she wants him to help her now, but she only lets him pull her up and then she stumbles to Cair Paravel*
Lauren Dickie - peter shakes his head and followers her
Kendra L. - *"Okay, okay," says Lynne, "you can help me, but don't carry me!!!*
Hannah Ours - *Peter agrees*
Kendra L. - *Lynne almost hugs him with joy*
Hannah Ours - *and then Peter helps her stumble back to Cair Paravel*
Kendra L. - *COUGH* *sighs
Hannah Ours - *cough cough*
Kendra L. - *Oh no! Wolves!*
Hannah Ours - *cough cough* *yeah Peter and Ed better fight them off with Lynne and Su*Nov 7
Kendra L. - *then the biggest wolf knocks Lynne's sword on the ground*
Jessica Rebekah - O_O......Nov 7
Kendra L. - *Yikes! Another wolf! He jumps on Lynne*
Hannah Ours - *Peter rushes to the rescue*
Kendra L. - (oh great) *Why can't it be somebody else?*
Hannah Ours - *because no one else is there*Nov 7
Kendra L. - *Okay then! Peter kills the wolf but there are still more. Then Lynne tries to go and get the sword but*
Lauren Dickie - peter says no and tells her to go get help quickly
Kendra L. - *Lynne says she's not going to leave him and stamps her foot*
Hannah Ours - *Peter gets mad*
Kendra L. - *then Lynne starts running as fast as she can for help but a wolf starts running after her*
Hannah Ours - *and then she meets up with Grace*
Kendra L. - *And Grace starts screaming and they're all running with wolves chasing them*
Hannah Ours - *and then they find some horses and ride them*
Kendra L. - *Grace rides behind Lynne cause Peter taught Lynne how to gallop (finally....) and then Lynne remembers Peter and they go back for him*
Hannah Ours - *and on the way back Grace asks Lynne when Lynne will teach her how to ride*
Kendra L. - *Lynne says when she rests they can*
Lauren Dickie - *grace looks sad for a moment but...
Kendra L. - *Lynne doesn't care and turn around back to get Peter.*
Lauren Dickie - *Lynne walks up to peter and he takes her hand and pulls her behind a boulder and...*{hint: romance *wink*}
Justin Sterzer - Justin walks away to his own boulder and barfs
Hannah Ours - (YES!!!! finally someone who agrees that Peter and Lynne should get togther!!) *Grace asks Edmund to teach her since Lynne is too tired*
Lauren Dickie - *edmund sighs selfishly but looks into her pleading eyes and agrees*
Hannah Ours - *Ed is glad he agreed though because he had fun teaching Grace*
                  Kendra L. - *UGH! Lynne punches Peter and runs off* 

If any of you read all that I hope you laughed. . .MWHAHAHA! I know, my posts are VERY lame now. . .sorry. I have to laugh when I'm feeling down. :D 

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a brokenspirit drieth the bones." Proverbs 17:22

That's all for now! I'll let you know how the hospital thing goes if I feel good enough to, and if this silly internet actually loads blogger for once. 

A BIG thanks to all the people who are keeping me happy! :-)

Love in Christ,


  1. I would help you laugh, but I'm not very funny. :P I love you!
    -- Andrea Clark, aka, Chicken Nuggets

  2. I'm glad your friends are able to make you laugh, and I hope you feel better soon!
    In the meantime, you can do the tag I have tagged you with!!!


  3. I feel so special seeing myself in your little exploits, I hope you feel better soon!

    Justin "Lui"

  4. Kendra!!! why'd you post that one? well actually it was probably the best to post of all the posts we had...

  5. Really-- Kendra, you know Justin Sterzer?! :) We've known him and his family for a little over a year.

    Johanna Kautt


  6. Yeah, she knows me, is that bad...? o.o


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