Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Bike Ride

Today I was feeling up to going for a little bike-ride! Of course now I'm very tired, not complete better from being sick. But anyways, Anna and I went down the road some. This is part of the "garbage dump", where everybody just throws their waste away. Some people (like us) try to burn it, but there is still so much left. I guess that's part of living in a different country!

We rode all along the back roads, and we didn't really see anybody but two girls.

Then we went down the "sand dunes" by the salt lake, and took some pictures of each other. 

I think Anna was acting like Anne of Green Gables . . . 

She's good at being serious. And Anna is pretty, God has blessed her with nice eyes. 

That isn't her real smile, just so you know. ;)

I really like the way this one turned out, the lighting is all natural, I didn't edit it at all except for the text on the bottom. 

Then Anna shot some photos of me. I like action shots, not smiling or staring at the camera . . . 

That is not a real smile from me, I think Anna was doing some to make me laugh and I was trying not to laugh.

I think I was doing a little dance/run thing here. :P 

*whew* that was a lot of pictures. I figured out that if I cut down the size with Gimp, it made them load way faster. 

Which picture is your favorite? 


  1. I like the first one best. It looks so different to my home town!

  2. Hi Kendra! I like the 2nd and 5th the best!

  3. You both are so pretty! Lovely photos! I cannot pick a favourite.


  4. I love your dress! And my favorite picture of Anna is the one of her close up. As for you....I loved them all! :D But my favorite is probably the last one.

  5. What a lovely photo shoot! And I LOVE your dress dear Kendra! So pretty and flow'y!

  6. I like the one of Anna doing the Anne of Green Gables pose, and I like the one of you kneeling down on the sand dunes.
    And the close-up of both of you girls with your (both) beautiful Egyptian-looking eyes. You are both darkly beautiful and could blend in with the population, I bet, anytime you wanted. You just have to learn some Egyptian.
    Have you seen the pyramids?
    Are you glad you moved there? It's wonderful when you post pictures. God has blessed you with such an opportunity to live in another land and see what it was like when Jesus lived.
    Andi 1

  7. Love the pics! :D You're both pretty girls! My favourites are the one of you kneeling down on the sand dunes and Anna doing the AOGG pose. {Grin}....
    It looks like a beach with all that sand.

  8. Awww, looks like so much fun!! The lighting was simply scrumptious!!



    P.s. I sent you an e-mail concerning the case of the disappearing HTML codes. ;D

  9. My favorite of Kendra was you looking at the camera. My favorite of Anna was her with the GARBAGE! jk

    I'm so glad that you guys were able to get out today for a little while. I love you, Kendra and I hope that you are feeling better. Dad

  10. These pictures are so fun! :D I think my favorite is the last one... I really *love* your dress!!

    Thank you soo much for praying for my dad each morning, Kendra. You have no idea how much that means to me! :)

    -- Taylor

    P.S. I was wondering if you were still sick... so I'm glad to hear that you are almost better! I've been praying for you, and will continue to do so. :)

  11. Hi Kendra!
    I like the one of Anna that you said you didnt edit at all...
    My favorite one of you is the one where you are looking back. ;)
    I wish I could be with you. :) I wish we really were sisters. *sigh*
    ~Grace you-know-what *cough*~

  12. Awesome pictures, Kendra! I love your dress! =D You are so pretty! :)


    P.S. does the "dump" stink? :P LOL


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