Thursday, October 7, 2010

Washing Day...


kay, I won't lie to you, we don't always hand-wash our the Brotens laundry, but today we did!

Since you all are probably wondering what is outside, I stepped out the big door and snapped a few shots:

There are a lot of those electric lines, since we live aways from the city I suppose they decided to put them all up in the country. If you look closely, you can see the huge lake behind that building.

Please pray for Anna, she hasn't been feeling well.

I have decided to enter the 'Modest Fashion Fall Event', that everybody has been posting about. There is a great prize that I'm hoping to win, and give to somebody (*whispers*) for their birthday.
Sorry about my outfit, it's modest but not really 'fallish'.

                                          ~What I Wore~

Shirt-from Land's End
Skirt-handmade by Grammy and I
Shoes-given to me by Gran-pat
Watch-given to me by Gran-pat :)

I wore my hair in a braid.

Also, pleas pray for me, I'm going to the doctor about my stomach pains on Saturday. I'm a bit nervous, because it's like a real big doctor. No, that's not what I meant! Like he's a very important doctor, and this isn't like a little check-up. Prayers would be appreciated!

Do you like the green 'up' button I added to the side? :-) You can get one here.

I've got to go!

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  1. Great post... I love seeing all of the pictures. :)

    Love, Bleah

  2. I will definitely pray for you! And Anna. :)


  3. Lovely photos. I like your hair in a braid :)

  4. Kendra,

    What a precious blog. Thank you so much for your love,service and devotion to CHRIST JESUS as HE is Most WORTHY!
    i love the pictures, thank you for sharing your family and the Kiser journey as missionaries in Egypt. We will pray for you and Anna. We will be lifting you in prayer this Saturday.

    Because HE Lives

    Mrs. Miller

  5. Ooh! I Loooove to wear my hair in a side braid! I'm not a HUGE skirt wearer, but I like to wear 'em sometimes. =) I'm going to check with the person sponsoring my blog party and let you know if she'll ship to Egypt. =)


  6. To do that thingy-mebob with the navbar you insert this code in your HTML, right under the /*Header section:

    #navbar {

    #navbar:hover {

    This works with the Minima template... :)

    Awel P.


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